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Uber Driver Develops Interactive Passenger Experience With Fun Game

People are amazed by an Uber driver’s creative concept to entertain their customers while they travel. In a video posted to Twitter, the man demonstrates how he made a unique tablet game for his clients.

“If my Uber had this, I don’t think I’d ever get out,” the caption that was posted with the video states. When the clip first starts, a tablet can be seen mounted to the passenger’s seat headrest. A passenger is given an engaging questionnaire that includes multiple choice questions, a sort of maze, and various problems as the video goes on. The game’s most intriguing feature is that the driver himself serves as the game’s main animated character.

On August 8, the video went viral. The video clip has gained popularity since it was posted. It has had close to 1.8 million views so far, and the numbers are growing swiftly. The post has also gotten a lot of responses from other individuals.

Even if I didn’t have anywhere to go, I’d employ this guy as my driver all day, a Twitter user wrote. Another person also added, “This is amazing.” A third person said, “The standing up to bend over and say no with the broken leg is taking me out.” Another added, “This is incredible,” to the chorus. Another responded, “Lmao that ‘NO’ is so funny to me,” and a fifth.

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