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Udaipur Man Was Getting Death Threats, Cops Ignored Protection Plea

A Udaipur man, who is now beheaded by the two men disguised as customers, was also arrested earlier this month. Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor of Udaipur city, was detained by the police for his social media post. Then after getting released he was still getting death threats against which he filed a written complaint. But cops didn’t pay any heed to his protection plea, instead, they tried to convince him to a ‘compromise’. Lal was not even allowed to open his shop.

Udaipur Man Was Getting Death Threats

Udaipur Man Got Death Threats For Two Weeks And Gets Murdered At The End

Kanhaiya Lal after getting death threats for two weeks was brutally killed by two men for supporting the comments of Nupur Sharma. The main culprit Mohammad Riyaz Attari also posted a video message carrying a death threat to Lal ten days ago. After this incident, Rajasthan Government has suspended SI Banwarlal for negligence in the matter but more and more gaps are expected to be uncovered with the investigation.

Started With The Social Media Post

A social media post of June 9 started it all regarding the comment that now suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma made. Then after a day two men approached his shop and asked for his phone to make a call. Afterwards, they told him that his post is objectionable and he should delete it, then they told him not to make posts in future.

Lal received a call from Ghanamandi police station on June 11, they told him that a complaint against him had been lodged by his neighbour Nazim, who said he was under pressure to do so and had to visit the Police Station. Nazim revealed that he filed an FIR under ‘pressure from society’. Later Lal told Police that he didn’t know how to operate a smartphone and the post was a mistake his son made while playing a game. But he was arrested and later got bail the next day.

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Getting Death Threats

After getting bailed Lal started getting death threats, so he again went to the police station on June 15, where he filed a written complaint about 5-7 people daily creating a ruckus at his shop and was not letting him do his business peacefully. Lal also mentioned in his complaint that Nazim and his associates are spreading his photos across WhatsApp groups with the message that he will be killed if he opens his shop. “Please take legal action and allow me to open my shop and ensure my security and protection,” he wrote in his complaint.

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