UIDAI Explains: How To Know If An Aadhaar Card Is Genuine Or Not?

Cases of using a fake Aadhaar are rising, Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) has explained in a press meeting how to verify the legality of your Aadhaar Card both online and offline. Many organisations were facing challenges to verify the genuineness of an Aadhaar when it is presented by an individual as identity proof.
UIDAI has now explained several ways to verify an Aadhaar with both online and offline methods.

Verification of Aadhaar

Verification of Aadhaar Card

For Offline Mode

UIDAI explained that every “Aadhaar card /Aadhaar letter/eAadhaar” always has a secure QR code printed on it. That QR contains demographic details and a photograph of a person. Now to verify you can scan that code with “Aadhaar QR scanner” that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Online Mode

To verify the details such as gender, state, age, name, etc. of an Aadhaar holder you can visit the official website

Remember even if an Aadhaar card is perfectly tampered with photoshopping technology, still, the information fed in the QR is secure and genuine as it is digitally signed by UIDAI, said by the “UIDAI under the Ministry of Electronics “.

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UIDAI’s Requests

In March UIDAI asked the organisation to verify the Aadhaar card genuinely and beware of fraudsters tampering with them. The statement said, “Any Aadhaar is verifiable online/offline. To verify offline, scan the QR code e-Aadhaar or #Aadhaar letter or #AadhaarPVCcard. To verify online, enter the 12-digit Aadhaar on the link:”.

The Government also requested to check the Aadhaar as an additional measure while hiring an employee, workers, helpers, drivers, etc. The verification process cannot be compromised as the QR is digitally signed by the UIDAI which includes, name, DOB, address, and mobile number. Plus the Aadhaar holders should often check their updated mobile numbers and emails as a precaution.

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