UIDAI: Take Resident’s Informed Consent Before Aadhaar Authentication

UIDAI has requested all the service entities to take informed consent from the Aadhaar holders, either in the form of hardcopy or electronic soft copy, before executing an authentication process. The aadhaar issuing and managing authority have recently released a new guideline for all the services entities. They are required to inform the document holders about the type of information being collected and its purpose during Aadhaar authentication.

UIDAI Release New Guidelines for Aadhaar Authentication

“UIDAI, as part of these norms, has outlined that REs are required to obtain residents’ informed consent before conducting Aadhaar authentication,” mentioned economic times.

Further, the authority has also informed that the records collected during Aadhaar authentication, which also includes the consent, have to remain saved only till the regulated period.

“And purging of such logs after the expiry of the said time period shall also be done as per the Aadhaar Act and its regulations,” UIDAI release.

Requesting entities are the Aadhaar service providers to the residents. The tasks they handle are “Aadhaar number and demographic/ biometric OTP information to the Central Identities Data Repository for the purpose of authentication.”

UIDAI also clarified that “REs should be courteous to residents and assure them about the security and confidentiality of the Aadhaar numbers, which are being used for authentication transactions.”

Also, the entities should immediately report back if any discrepancy or suspicious activity is found at the time of Aadhaar authentication for any resident. These activities can be “suspected impersonation by residents, or any compromise or fraud by any authentication operator.”

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“The REs provide effective grievance handling mechanisms for residents and cooperate with UIDAI and other agencies deputed by it for any security audit as required under the law and regulations,” the authority further said.

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