Uncommon Use Of Some Common Home Appliances, Something You Must Try

Home appliances have become an integral part of our day to day life. Without them, it’s hard to imagine how you or I would survive for even 24 hours (well I can’t for sure). Be it Washing Machine or Dishwasher they all are our best hands at work.

However, these appliances can serve us more than what they are made for. Yes, you can use your ‘common household appliances’ for not so ‘common’ purpose to enhance their efficiency in easing things up for you. Well, if you have not given it a thought then surely you would try this after reading this one out.

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Hair Dryer To Sticker Remover

Have you tried everything to remove the sticker from your latest electronic gadget but it’s scratching out rather than being removed smoothly? Well, if you had a hairdryer by your side things would have been easier.

Hair Dryer

Yes, the blow of warm air from the hairdryer is the best way to remove such stubborn and troubling stickers from almost any surface. The heat from the hairdryer melts the adhesive making it easy for you to peel off the sticker.

Microwave To Disinfectant

You might have not thought in your wildest of dreams that your microwave can be your disinfectant killing germs and bacteria from your stuff. Well, to your surprising pleasure it is.


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The washing sponge can be easily disinfected with the help of a microwave. Just, get the sponge wet (but not dripping) and microwave it for 1-2 minutes and there you are the microorganism in it are vanished.

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Washing Machine To A Large Mixer

This might not shock you if you have ever visited Punjab or have even watched the last scene of “Jab We Met” (Don’t say you have not watched this). Your normal washing machine is a big mixer grinder.

Washing Machine

Be it preparing liters of “Lassi” or “Dry Fruit Mix Milk” all your twisting and mixing needs are served by your washing machine. Well, make sure you have not washed clothes before making the drink ( ? ).

Dishwasher To A Big Oven

The washing machine-mixer relation stands true in this case as well. Your dishwasher is not only there to wash out your dirty utensils but is your tool to cook your food as well.


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You can get the best of steamy food with the help of your dishwasher. All you need to do is to vacuum seal some fish or vegetables and toss the bag in the top rack of your dishwasher. Set it on top temperature and count on the timer to have your delicious meal.

Coffee Maker To Noodle Maker

You might have bought it to serve you instant Coffee but this talented appliance has many things to serve you. If you underestimated its might then after reading this your perception would change surely.

Coffee Maker

You can make all sorts of “instant” foods, like noodles, oatmeal and more using your Coffee maker. Just run water through the coffee maker with an empty basket, and you’ll have hot water in minutes.

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