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AI: How advancements in artificial intelligence will change our lifestyle?

Artificial Intelligence is referred to machines that can interpret data and act intelligently. In other words, they can carry out tasks and make decisions based on the data, just like a human does. 

In recent years, you probably read a lot about “how AI is going to save the world?” “How AI save the end civilization?” etc. It is very much true that artificial intelligence attracts hype. But, just like certain technology trends, much of the hype related to AI is entirely justified. It is a transformative technology that can alter our lives in many ways. 

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Still not convinced? Here are the top-most reasons “how advancements in artificial intelligence will change our lifestyle?” 

1. Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

Have you ever seen the mobile facial recognition feature, or have asked Alexa for the morning weather forecast, or paid using a credit card? Of course, you might have. Many of us might have done or any of these things.

All these things are supported and strengthened by AI and/or data. However, AI allows credit card companies to regulate your latest transaction and is not any type of fraudulent. For example, a Mastercard uses AI algorithms in order to evaluate 75 billion transactions a year processed through its network. 

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Therefore, it can be said that AI has already been embedded in our daily life, and in the coming days, it is not going anywhere.

2AI is transforming industries 

AI is already being used in a wide range of industries, from accounting to retailing, and manufacturing to banking. Not only this, in healthcare, AI is widely used to identify diseases, helping patients, and healthcare providers to provide better lifestyle decisions and treatment.

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Moreover, AI systems are highly developed which can outperform human experts in terms of identifying disease. In January 2020, Google Health developed a clinical trial of AI software and confirmed that the software was much effective in recognizing signs of breast cancer in mammograms than radiologists. 

3AI Helps us in becoming more human, not less

Machines are more intelligent although humans have created them. They can carry out distinct tasks easily and accurately. However, the advancement in automation will impact human jobs. But, also it is believed that it will create new job opportunities that value our empathy and creativity.

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Artificial Intelligence helps make our lives and work better. Journalism can be one of the best examples which are undergoing an AI revolution. Similarly, there are many other AI tools Bertie that are highly used to recognize real-time trending topics, suggesting headlines, and finding relevant images. 

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4. AI is affordable 

To work with AI, one does not need to have an expensive technology or a huge team of in-house data scientists. Just like many technology solutions, AI also available on an as-a-service basis. For instance, in 2019, Amazon launched “Personalize”. It was an AI-based service that generally assists businesses in providing tailored search results and customer recommendations. Improbably, Amazon says no AI experience is required to deploy and train the technology.

5. AI fuels another technology trend

Lastly, if need more evidence for “how advancements in artificial intelligence will change our lifestyle”, then let it end with a fact: AI is a foundation where other technology trends can be built. Importantly, without artificial intelligence, we might not have reached such a level of advancement in areas like chatbots, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and robotics.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the technology and trends that will transform society.

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