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How Coding and Robotics In Shaping Future Of Indian students? Read Here!

Traditionally, education was just limited to theory-based learning even in subjects like robots, science, and computer. However, with the adoption and implementation of new technology methods into learning and teaching, the Indian Education System has gained a popular view.

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The continuous development in technology plays an important role in upgrading student’s learning skills and education system as well. Tech development and knowledge teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These skills ensure the creativity of young minds. However, the rapid change and adoption of new technology in India improve technological fluency and assists in becoming a tech-based workforce.

Coding and Robotics – The New-Age Learning

The demand for coding and robotics has increased largely among Indian students. Several courses like Robot Motion Planning and Control, Robot Manipulation and Wheeled Mobile Robots, Aerial Robotics, Computational Motion Planning, Design and Development, RPA Analytics, and more. Colleges like the Indian Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology, Vellore Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, SRM University, and more offer these courses.

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Many of these colleges required JEE score or GATE score depending on the level, of course, you choose to pursue. After completing a graduate, post-graduate, or doctorate in Robotics/Mechatronics/ or any other specialized field, candidates get a chance to work in space research organisations, surgery and rehabilitation sector of medicine, work with a private organisation in designing, building, and test robotic systems and software, and more.

Coding and Robotics Go Hand-in-Hand

To develop a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of robotics, it is necessary to know both programming and robotics. Also, it provides a good opportunity for students to gain command over STEM subjects. However, the learning includes –

Out-of-the-box thinking 

This field of study helps student’s think out-of-the-box and enable them to creativity, imagination, and make the best use of theoretical concepts.

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Teamwork and collaboration

Creating a robot from scratch requires students to take responsibilities and work in a group. This promotes a collaborative learning environment and students learn to work in teams.

Decision-making ability

However, there is no fixed method for programming and designing a robot. Thus, students must be exhilarated to develop possibilities, analysing, and using logic and reasoning ability to come up with the best-suited skills. As a result, it upgrades empowerment and decision-making ability to become independent decision-makers.

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