Understanding Indian Railways’ Rules About Changing Trains on a Common Ticket

Rail travel is a popular means of transportation around the world, including in India. Every day, countless people depend on trains – whether they’re in a standard coach, an AC coach, or a sleeper coach. In 2020, Indian Railways transported an astounding 808.6 crore passengers, highlighting the importance of the country’s connectivity.

A general compartment requires no previous reservation and tickets can be purchased at the station counter.

Many passengers utilize a single general ticket to change trains before arriving at their destination. The Indian Railways has strict rules on how many times this may be done with the same ticket. Many people are unaware of these guidelines. Let us put some light on this.

It is not permitted to disembark and board another train with a general ticket on fast or long-distance trains. The regulation absolutely prohibits going on any other train than the one for which the ticket was paid.

While some may attempt to switch trains, if detected, they face severe fines. It is best to avoid changing trains if you have a generic ticket.

Local trains provide some mobility. When a ticket is purchased, the name of the station and the moment of purchase are recorded. The validity period of a generic ticket is limited. For example, if purchased in a large city station such as Delhi or Mumbai, it is only good for one hour.

Passengers must board a train and depart within this time range. A general ticket, on the other hand, enables a 3-hour opportunity to depart the station at smaller town stations.

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