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Unexplained Mysteries Of India – Fourth One Just Blew My Mind

India is the land of religions, cultures, folklore and thousands of mysteries.

But it also holds several mysteries within, which is hard to understand …and harder-to explain.

Here are a few of them you can unravel –if you wish:

1. Bheemkund- An endless water body  in Madhya Pradesh


Imagine an ancient water body associated with Pandavas itself- which has a superpower to predict and indicate upcoming natural calamities. Sounds cool right? Well, it’s true! The depths of Bheemkund still seems to be unknown and locals swear that at the time of Tsunami in 2004 the water level of the kund rose by 15 feet giving the indication of calamity. Even a team of scientists from Discovery failed to unravel the mystery behind this spot. Are you up for it?

2. Kailasanatha temple-A 60,000 Sq. Ft Megalith in Maharashtra

kailash temple

You must have come across the news of sculptures being carved out of a single piece of rock. But the Kailasanatha temple has taken it to a whole new level(Probably an impossible level). This megalith carved out of a single rock is still keeping people puzzled as its origin dates back to the 8th century. In addition to the massive structure, it is really one hell of a place you should go if you want to experience history at its best.

3. Talakad-The mini dessert in Karnataka


Sand dunes around a river- sounds strange eh? Well, nothing seems to be strange when you set foot on the mysterious land of Talakad. The story of this place goes back to the 16th century when the King was cursed by a lady named Allemelamma. Since then, the river seems to be full of whirlpools and few temples got buried in sand. And King did not get a rightful heir since that generation. This place is the perfect example of an anomaly in a creepy kind of way.

4. Levitating Stone- Shivapur- Maharashtra

Do you believe in practical magic? If the answer is yes- be ready to get dazzled. As the legend goes back, this mystery originated when this Sufi saint died and requested a 70 kg stone to be placed on top of his tomb. Might sound fake-but the 70kg stone of Qamar Ali Darvesh in Shivapur levitates when 11 men place their right index fingers under the stone and jointly call his full name. Straight out of a movie- this phenomenon is witnessed by hundreds of people every day. Wanna join the crowd?

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5. Yaganti temple- Growing Nandi- Andhra Pradesh

yaganti nandi

ViralBake Telegram

The Yaganti temple encompasses a deep secret within its boundaries. The idol of Nandi grows. It LITERALLY GROWS! Even the Archaeological Survey of India has confirmed that the idol increases by 1 inch in every 20 years. And to add up to this existing mystery, according to Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, the Basavanna(stone Nandi) of Yaganti will come alive and shout when Kali Yuga ends. Creepy enough?

6. Vrindavan, Mathura Uttar Pradesh

nidhivan- vrindavan

You must have heard the name Vrindavan several times, that Lord Krishna comes over to the forest every night and dances with the Gopi’s that come alive in the forest itself.  But what you don’t know is – all the trees in the forest are hollow. Moreover, they remain green throughout without the presence of a water body within miles. Also, people who dare visit the forest to watch Krishna dance with his 16,000 Gopi’s – come out in a state of dementia or even go completely bonkers. Too much for watching a show – eh?

7. Blood Rain in Idukki

blood rain idukki

Dating back to the first downpour in 1818, Red rain- or blood rain pours down sporadically in this region of Kerala. Sounds scary as hell but it’s true. Residents claim to hear a loud thunderclap before the blood rain comes pouring down. The houses, water bodies, and even clothes appear to have blood stains if you get caught in the rain. So…how about getting drenched in blood?

8. UFO Base Kongka Pass – India-China border

ufo base kongka pass 

UFO- the name is enough to pique the curiosity of any individual. Imagine UFO sighting a usual scenario in your neighborhood. Well, the ITBP personnel and Indian army itself have been witnesses to various such incidents of spotting a UFO around Indo-China border. According to the army officials, these look like spaceships (not drones, satellites) and are spotted often leaving and entering the base. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Have you come across any other such instance in you lifetime that left you awestruck!? Please share with us in the comments.

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