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10 Unfulfilled Short Love-Stories That Will Give You The Blues You Admire

1. If we were having a coffee…

I would look at your handsome face and forget about the boring lectures that we missed. We would talk and talk and talk until it was dark outside and you would walk me home. You would kiss me on my forehead and say good night.

I still see us in that library we used to study together.


2. If we were having a coffee…

short love stories

I would hug you from behind and hold you tight in my arms. I would hop on your back and tell you to carry me wherever you want. We would share a cookie and I would fake fight if you took a large bite. We would sing and dance like crazy.

Sometimes, I get nostalgic thinking about the time when you used to park your bike at the college gate.


3. If we were having a coffee…

I would watch your lips curve into that dashing smile. We would bunk the classes and go for long drive across the woods. You would park the car, and we would go explore the jungle. I would let you rest your head on my lap beneath a tree and talk about us.

I still recall the time when you used to walk into the canteen with your group of friends.


4. If we were having a coffee…

I would laugh and tease you about your your Math score. You would tease me back on something equally unimportant and we would burst out in laughter. We would go watch a romantic movie and pretend that it’s us.

I still remember the time when you offered me your leather jacket on that farewell night.


5. If we were having a coffee…

We would count stars and soak ourselves in the moonlight. I would rest my head on your shoulder and we would feel the cold breeze flowing from the mountains. We would light the bonfire and tell horror stories to scare each other.

Sometimes, I think about that one night-out we had, at our friend’s place.


6. If we were having a coffee…

I would watch you take off your sunglasses and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight. I would wink at you and you would give me that naughty smile. You would bring my favorite flowers and I would get your favorite cake. We would celebrate just like that and fall deeper in love with each passing moment.

I still can’t forget the first time I saw you in the chemistry lab.


7. If we were having a coffee…

I would click your picture when you laughed uncontrollably. You would chase me to get my phone and I would try to get away. You would catch me and embrace me tightly. We would laugh together and you would kiss me.

I still remember the time, when you used to play soccer for our college team.


8. If we were having a coffee…

You would smile on my mischief and look at me with those lovely eyes. I would blush and look down while feeling your eyes all over me. We would share our secrets and talk about our past. We would bet on stupid things and mock each other.

I still remember how I felt when I saw you for the first time walking into our class.


9. If we were having a coffee…

I would watch the smoke vanish in the breeze. We would talk about how much we hate studies and laugh about it. Our friends would tease us for being crazy about each other and we would take pride in it. We would go swimming together and I would splash water on your face.

I still see us on the last bench of our class gossiping about silly things.


10. If we were having a coffee…

You would play with my hair-locks and I would run my fingers across your head. I would block the sun-rays from disturbing you and watch you rest on my lap. We would watch the butterflies fly in the garden and you would pluck the most beautiful rose for me.

I still think about that Valentine’s day which we could celebrate together.

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