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Uniform Fare System Introduced for App-Based Cabs and City Taxis in Karnataka

In Karnataka, offline and app-based city taxis must now follow a standard fee structure announced on Saturday by the state transportation department. Demand-based prices would not be allowed since the new rates take effect instantly and app-based aggregators like Uber and Ola must adhere to them strictly.

The Karnataka Transport Department released an order on Saturday that outlines the new price structure that applies to both city taxis and app-based cab aggregators. The updated fares will now be standardised and set throughout the state for both offline and app-based taxis, according to the new regulation.

The order said that the revised rates are effective immediately. The two kinds of cabs had separate fares before this. Based on the vehicle’s cost, three classes have been established for taxis under the new fare system.

The Details Of The New Fare Structure

  • The minimum fare for cars whose purchase price is Rs 10 lakh or less is set at Rs 100 for the first four km, with an extra charge of Rs 24 for each mile after that.
  • The minimum ticket for car fares is between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh is Rs 115, with a cost of Rs 28 per mile.
  • For cars that cost more than Rs 15 lakh, the minimum ticket will be Rs 130, and every further kilometer would cost an extra Rs 32.
  • Passengers will be charged Re 1 for each minute after the first five, which are free of charge.

It is very obvious from the order that cab aggregators are not permitted to collect additional fees. The new regulation further specifies that app-based aggregators can charge passengers toll fees and five percent GST. The regulation said that operators may add 10% to the price of taxis reserved between 12 and 6 a.m.

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