Unlocking Your Savings: A Guide to EPF Claim Forms

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), which is in charge of handling retirement money in India, provides three social security programmes to its members: the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), a pension plan, and an employee insurance programme. These three programmes are regulated by the EPF Plan of 1952, the Pension System of 1995 (EPS), and the Insurance Scheme of 1976 (EDLI) which is incharge of fulfilling the entire demands of their members.

Here are the top 6 EPFO claim forms that everyone has to be familiar of:

  • Form 10C: This form is used to withdraw funds from your employer’s EPS contribution.
  • Form 10D: This form is used to receive a monthly pension.
  • Form 31: Use this form to get loans and withdrawals from your EPF account.
  • Form 13: Use this form to transfer funds from one employment to another. It guarantees that your cash remains secure and not scattered.
  • Form 20: Using this form, your family member or nominee can get PF money in the event of an employee’s death, even if your employment was less than 10 years.
  • Form 51F: Your nominee can use Form 51F to collect the Insurance benefits of the Employees’ Deposit related insurance.

If the account is linked with Aadhaar, the bank account is updated, and the claim is made online, the claim may be lodged online. Online applications for pension withdrawal benefits and PF non-refundable advances are available.

The benefit of completing all of these documents is that if the scheme holder dies, the family can get PF/pension and insurance benefits immediately. It is the establishment’s or the employer’s responsibility to attest the claim application form.

In this case, if the claim form is not confirmed by the employer or institution, it might be attested by the management of the bank where the member’s savings account is kept. The member can also complete the KYC by sending a request to the relevant field office, which must be attested by an authorized field official.

In the event of a disagreement with the employer, the member can request attestation from the bank manager by describing the reason for not being able to secure the employer’s signature. If required, the Regional PF Commissioner will pursue the case with the employer later.

In terms of clientele and financial transactions, EPFO is one of the world’s largest Social Security Organizations. It now handles 24.77 crore accounts for its members (Annual Report 2019-20).

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