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Read The 7 Unnoticed Signs That He Is Going To Propose You, This Way You Know When To Be Ready For The Big Day

Proposing a girl is not easy, even though a guy is sure that you are going to say yes. There are things that are needed to be done, to make it a good memory for you.

From taking ring size to finding your taste in jewelry, men do things that may give you the hint that they are going to get down on their knees.

Here is how you can find out if your man is about to ask this big question. Presenting 7 signs that will confirm he is about to propose you.

1. He is planning a trip

signs that he is going to propose you

Only this time, he didn’t want you to do any work. He doesn’t want you to book the flight tickets, or arrange the stay telling you to relax and enjoy your Netflix instead. But don’t you think something is fishy? I think, he is preparing for the big question and it’s a surprise. That’s why he doesn’t want you to get a hit about it.

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2. He is planning for the future with you involved in it

signs that he is going to propose you

Maybe he hasn’t even realized it himself, or maybe he is not sure how you’ll react if he proposes you right now. By talking about his future with you involved in it, he is trying to see your reaction to confirm it’s not just him who wanted to get married and the feelings are mutual. A ring is on the way, I am telling you.

3. Trying to figure out your ring size

signs that he is going to propose you

You know the importance of ring when a guy proposes a girl. In order to propose you, he needs the size of your ring. In case you notice any missing ring from your table, then you might know what’s coming. Get ready, he might propose you sooner than you think.

4. He is not buying those games anymore

signs that he is going to propose you

If you notice your boyfriend is being more mature with the money and instead of wasting his money on video games or drinks, he has started saving. Girl, your man is thinking about your future together. The proposal might come soon.

5. Your friend making sudden plans to beauty parlor with you involved in it

signs that he is going to propose you

If you get a call from your best friend who asks you to give her company to the beauty parlor all of a sudden, that means they know something that you don’t. Your man has made deal with your best friend and together they are planning to surprise you with his heart melting proposal.

6. He is snooping through your stuff

signs that he is going to propose you

If you find he is going through your drawers when you are not looking, doesn’t mean he is doing a check on you. He is just trying to figure out what’s more important right now. He is trying to figure out your taste in jewelry, so that he can propose you with the best ring possible.

7. He is making a checklist of your favorite things

signs that he is going to propose you

This proposal is a big thing for him too, he doesn’t want to mess it up. Knowing the fact that he gets messy most of the time, it’s good that he is confirming your favorites. By confirming your favorite color, song or food, he is just trying to make sure that his proposal becomes your next favorite thing.

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In Conclusion:

Yes, men’s do look rough and tough from the outside but they also have a soft heart inside. They don’t let everyone touch it, but if you see these signs, he might be choosing you to make it your own.

Notice these signs that he is going to propose you and get excited beforehand! 

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