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11 Mysterious Bone-Chilling Murders That Happened In Delhi-NCR

Murders are always heinous and brutal. No matter how strong you think you are, the detailed news of a horrifying murder is more than enough to make you bite your nails with fear.

Sadly, such incidents have become a very common thing in the capital. With the ever-increasing rate of crime including murders, rapes, robberies and what not, you hardly feel safe even within the four walls of your residence.

Sometimes, these spine-chilling murders turn out to be executed cunningly by a relative and sometimes it ends up being related to a love angle.

Whatever be the reason, these gruesome murders that have taken place so far in the heart of India sure does spark a major concern in relation to safety.

Here are 10 cases of such horrendous murders that took place in Delhi-

July 2010

A Couple was found buried in a park in New Friends Colony. Legs and hands were tied and there were strangulation marks all over the body. 

On a fine Saturday morning, kids were playing cricket in a park of the NFC locality when they stumbled upon something. It wasn’t a stone or a log, there were two dead bodies. It turned out to be of a couple who were hardly in their 30’s. Obviously, the murder had some motive as the bodies were neatly hidden under a heap of grass.

There were strangulation marks all over and to add up to the horror, police saw that the hands and legs of the female victim were tied. The couple also had handkerchief tied around their necks.

Murder by poison was the first instinct of police but as there were strangulation marks, they thought it could be a murder as well. It is still an unsolved case.

January 2012

A pair of brother-sister were brutally murdered at home in Central Delhi.  Both suffered severe head injuries and by the time they were rushed to the hospital, they were declared dead. 

19 years old Vishal and his 23-year-old sister Shivani were alone in the house. Their father, who owned a restaurant in front of the Pusa Institute was at work. No one knew how and what happened but both of them were attacked in their own residence. The same day at around 8.45 pm, they were found dead.

Their dead bodies had severe head injuries. It appeared as if someone close was involved because there were no signs of forced entry.

It could have been anyone, a friend, a relative, who knows? The father found the dead bodies of his children on the first floor of their residence and rushed them to the hospital. Sadly, they were declared dead. Killers are yet to be found.

January 2012

Mother and daughter stabbed to death in Rajouri Garden. Strangely, the younger daughter wasn’t harmed. 

A 29-year-old woman along with her daughter who was merely eight years old suffered the wrath of the robbers, or at least that’s what was told by the police. At around 5 in the evening, both were found dead at their residence in West Delhi.

Luckily, her two and a half-year-old daughter wasn’t harmed even though she was at the murder scene. It could have been a close relative or a person seeking revenge, or probably just a case of a break in. But that surely doesn’t explain why the other innocent child was killed mercilessly.

It was suspicious that even the husband wasn’t at home. Police also looked at the crime from a different angle, where the husband could be involved. After checking the house, they also found out that Rs.35, 000 in cash and jewelry were missing.

No idea what happened after that.

Oct 2012

An Elderly Couple was found murdered in Delhi at their residence. Both were strangled to death and valuables over 6 lakhs were stolen. 

 When 24-year-old Sanjay returned to their double-storeyed house in Netaji Subhash Place locality of north-west Delhi, he wasn’t aware of the mishaps that had taken place already. He found two bodies lying in separate rooms.

He was horrified to see the strangled body of his father in the drawing room. On further checking the two-storied house, he found his mother in the storeroom with an injury mark on her head.

The police came down and started the investigation. It looked as if someone known was involved in the heinous murder because only the valuables were stolen. They apparently knew the location of valuables which were in the residence.

Sanjay checked and later claimed the jewelry worth Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh in cash including other valuables were also missing.

April 2013

A couple who were in their late 40’s were found dead. There was no sign of robbery of forced entry.  

On a Sunday morning, South Delhi witnessed the murder of an elderly couple who were in their late 40’s.

They were stabbed to death. Both the bodies were found in Chhaela area of Najafgarh in South Delhi. Apparently, it was a result of some personal dispute as there wasn’t any sign of robbery.

There was no forced entry or signs of struggle which means everything must have happened in an instant. It could have been a known person, which points in the direction of a murder for revenge.

As Dharam Singh and his wife Kamlesh lived alone in their residence, the police questioned the family members to find out if there could be any angle related to a family issue.

July 2014

Three Businessmen were Found Dead in Car. There were no marks of injury or struggle. But, there was white foam coming out of their mouth. 

A mysterious triple-murder took place in RK Puram that created a wave of shock across Delhi. The story goes that three businessmen, between the age of 25 and 35 were having snacks and chatting in a Honda city car with its AC on.

Around 11 pm the same night, police found them dead in the same car with windows rolled down. A white foam was coming out of their mouth which showed some kind of poisoning. Police suspected that they might have died due to gas poisoning or may have eaten something poisonous.

But, as there were no injury marks found on the dead body, it could very well be a case of poisoning. When the victim’s family came to know about it, they refused to believe that and claimed that it is a murder.

They felt that as the seat next to the driver was empty, a fourth man must be present who should be tracked down. The police accessed the CCTV footage and took fingerprints and other evidence but nothing came out from it.

Feb 2015

Husband was found hanged and Wife Dead in Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar. There was no suicide note found in the residence. Also, there wasn’t any trace that they consumed poison. 

A couple from Bihar used to live in the Gandhi Nagar area of east Delhi, in a rented flat. 25 years old Sanjay was a tailor and his wife Sugandhi of 22 years was a housewife.

When police reached the house, they saw Sanjay hanging and his wife lying dead on the floor. They searched the whole house for a suicide note or any other evidence but there was nothing.

Even Sugandhee’s body had no marks of struggle or any injury which pointed the needle to the direction of suicide. Moreover, there was no trace of poison found in the house.

Police began the investigation with keeping all the angles open.

Sep 2015

A Mother along with Her 2 Children was stabbed to death in Raghubir Nagar. Three younger children were spared even though they were in the same house. 

Zaffar was out of town for some work in Jaipur. He left behind his wife Shabnam along with their 5 children in their house.

Little did he know that this was the last time he was going to see her alive. When he came back after a day, he found his 28-year-old wife dead.

She was stabbed many times and there was a lot of blood on her face and neck. Along with her, his seven-year-old son Imran and six-year-old daughter Khushi also suffered the same fate.

Strangely, the other children too were in the same house but were left unharmed. On being asked about the incident, the three-year-old who survived claimed that he saw three men when he woke up. They were trying to hurt his mother and two of them were neighbors who used to come often to their house.

Police suspected foul play and began the investigation considering it a murder for revenge.

Nov 2015

An Elderly Couple strangled to death in South Delhi’s East of Kailash. There were signs of forced entry and even though their son lived on the floor above, they couldn’t be saved. 

A case of forced entry led to the murder of an elderly couple. As per the police, this happened late night when burglars tried to forcibly enter their residence in the area of East of Kailash.

The ground floor of the house was ransacked and things were broken that showed signs of a struggle. When their son, who lived on the first floor heard some noises, he rushed down to see that his parents are dead.

It seemed suspicious that the son couldn’t save either of the parents even after being so close when the crime was taking place. There were marks on their necks that showed the signs of death by strangulation. He informed the police and they started the investigation.

Oct 2017

An 82-year-old mother with her 3 daughters and their guard were murdered in east Delhi house. The circumstances were very suspicious as none of the valuable items were touched. 

Urmila Jindal and her daughters Sangeeta, Anjali, and Nupur used to live in the left wing of the huge house that used to be an oil mill before it was converted for residential use.

Around 7.15 in the morning, one of the extended family members was returning from a walk when he found the guard lying on his chair. When he tried to check, he saw blood all over. He informed the police station and a PCR arrived for assistance.

In the meanwhile, they saw that Urmila Jindal’s car was blocking the gate and that the car needed to be removed so that the police can begin the investigation.

When they reached upstairs, to their horror, they found the women’s bodies in the living room. The mother’s body was stabbed thrice in the neck and the throats of her daughters were slit open.

None of the valuable items were stolen that included mobile phones, cash, and jewelry. Police suspected it to be a case of murder with a motive and began investigations.

July 2018

 11 members of the same family found hanged in their residence in Burai. 

The Bhatia family looked just like any other normal family. They owned a grocery shop and plywood business close to their residence. On the morning of 1st July, when a neighbor went to buy milk from their shop, he found it closed.

To casually check why the shop was still closed as it used to get opened by 6 am, he thought to check on them and was shocked to find the front gate wide open. When he went upstairs, he found the most horrible sight.

The entire family was dead. 10 out of 11 members were found hanging from the iron mesh and the eldest member of the family was lying dead on the floor in the next room. To add up to the horror, they found the bodies blindfolded with their hands and legs tied. There were stools lying around, it seemed that there was some kind of ritual performed before the hangings.

Police arrived at the crime scene and began the search. They didn’t find any suicide note but came across diaries which had the step by step description of the suicides.

In further investigation, police searched the CCTV footage which showed the family bringing items like stools, bandages and other religious items in the past few days.

The police department is still figuring out what exactly happened and is also considering the angle of a 12th person being present during the killings.

The world is changing, but do you think it is for the better or the worse? With such gruesome tales so commonly occurring in our capital, how safe do you think the rest of our country is? And when will this stop? Or will it keep ever growing? This is the question that needs to be looked at. Let us know your views. 

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