Top 10 Unusual Beaches In India to Explore this Season

Do you like beaches? If you are a fan of beaches and looking forward to exploring some unique kinds of options, then check out this article for Top 10 Unusual Beaches In India.

You do not have to go to a foreign city to explore the beauty of unique beaches as you can get that in your country. Check these beaches along with the description about what makes them unique enough for me to put them on this list.

1. Chandipur Beach, Odisha

Chandipur Beach, Odisha

Ever heard of a beach that vanishes? Chandipur Beach in Odisha stretches for 5 KM during low tide leaving shells, crabs, starfish and more behind. Due to its habit of this, it is also known as ‘Vanishing Beach’. The local fishman also takes advantage of this by picking up the unfortunate fish left behind by the sea.

2. Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep

Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep

Did you know about the glowing sea? If not, then I suggest you visit Bangaram Beach in Lakshadweep which lights up in luminescent blue. These glowing dots are phytoplankton and algae which are blessed by nature to glow in the dark. These beaches will give you the most magical background to click your best pictures ever.

Side Note:

You can also visit Juhu Beach in Maharashtra to enjoy the same nature’s phenomenon.

3. Navapur Beach, Maharashtra

Navapur Beach, Maharashtra

Surrounded by hills from either side of the beach, Navapur Beach is technically located in Maharashtra but a part of it also lies in Gujarat. However, these are not the reasons we put this beach in this list, but its jet black sand that gives it a magical appearance. Although this beach is away from heavy commercialisation, you can still enjoy a plate of poha and a cup of chai on this beach.

4. Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

Although you are in India, do you wish to go to a place that is famous all over Asia? Let us go to Asia’s Longest Drive-in Beach, Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala. You must take your four wheeler to this beach so that you can enjoy driving it in a 3.8 KM long stretch. You can also enjoy multiple adventurous activities and seafood at this beach to complete your trip.

5. OM Beach, Gokarna

OM Beach, Gokarna

Tucked in the beauty of Gokarna, OM Beach is a magical creation of nature as it is shaped like OM in Devanagari Script. Due to the mythological importance of this letter in Hinduism, you will find many people meditating, performing yoga and taking dips in the water. In addition to this picturesque scene, you will also find water sports near the beach to complete your experience.

6. Arambol Beach, Goa

Arambol Beach, Goa

Beaches are salty, right? Not when you are reading an article about unique beaches. Arambol Beach is situated in the state of Goa and its uniqueness is the taste of its water. To everybody’s surprise, it has got sweet water rather than the sour salty sea water found everywhere else. The reason behind this impossible phenomenon is the presence of a freshwater lake near the sea.

7. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman

Do you wish to go to foreign countries to experience blue water white sand beaches? Do not do that because you can experience blue water beaches in Havelock Islands in Andaman at Radhanagar Beach. Its water is azure blue with pristine white sand and lush green palms that makes it look like it does not exist in India. Also, the best thing is that it has secured 7th position in the list of the top beaches in the world.

8. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach is situated in Diu and though it seems like a regular beach, it stands out of the crowd due to the trees surrounding it. It is necklaced by rare Hoka trees which are not found anywhere else in the country but this beach. These are African Hoka Trees which are expected to be brought and planted here by the Portuguese when they were visiting India.

9. Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi Beach is located in the Kutch Region of Gujarat which gives it a really unique appearance that is different from every other beach. However, that is not the only thing, it is not known by many which has left it away from commercialisation. Also, you can witness a 400-year-old shipbuilding yard at the beach which is still functional. So, enjoy a unique experience.

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10. Dumas Beach, Surat

Dumas Beach, Surat

Are you afraid of ghosts or your friends are? If your group of friends like to explore haunted places in India, then put Dumas Beach on the list too. This beach is one of the top 35 haunted spots in India. It has been put in this list due to the supernatural activities happening around it.


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