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UP Family Cooks ‘Ganja Sabzi’, Thinking That It Is ‘Methi,’ Hospitalised

And here is all the reasons why your mom tells you to spend some time in the kitchen. But kids these days, so busy being modern!!!

Recently in a bizarre incident, a family in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj couldn’t identify the difference between methi and ganja and cooked ‘ganja sabzi’ and ate it thinking it was methi (fenugreek). 

Source – Latestly

The incident was reported by Amar Ujala wherein a vegetable seller had sold ganja to a local named Nitesh claiming it’s methi. Nitesh, agreed and took the same to his sister-in-law who cooked the same for the family of six.

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The family ate the ganja sabzi and instantly their health began deteriorating. Then Nitesh requested the neighbours to call the ambulance. While the neighbours contacted the doctor, the entire family fainted.

Source – YouTube

The neighbours then alerted the police after which the family was taken to a hospital. When the incident was investigated, police found both cooked and uncooked ganja in their house.

Source – Diabetes UK

The vegetable seller was then detained. When the police interrogated him, he reportedly told that he gave ganja in place of methi as a joke.

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Kya chal raha hai ye sab?

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