UP Government Comes Up With A Scheme Where Parents Don’t Need To Apply For Their Child’s Birth Certificate

In Uttar Pradesh, government health institutions will soon provide birth registration certificates to newborns right away after delivery without requiring the parents to request it from the authorities. 

With this new scheme, Uttar Pradesh has made history as the first state to provide suo motu birth registration for public healthcare facilities. For this, the state government has utilized digital technology to combine its MaNTrA (Maa Navjaat Tracking) app with the birth registration system.

Parents Not Required To Apply For Birth Certificates

Principal Secretary of Medical Health Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma stated, “The Directorate of Census Operations, Lucknow, has partnered with the Uttar Pradesh National Health Mission (NHM-UP), UNICEF, and the Office of the Registrar General of India, Delhi, to facilitate the generation of automatic birth registration certificates at government facilities.” According to authorities, this service will first be offered by 1,000 establishments in the state, with an eventual rise in that number.

Procedure For Birth Registration in Suo Moto

The Maa Navjaat Tracking app (MaNTrA), run by NHM-UP, is used to retrieve data for 17 fields in the civil registration system application programming interface, according to the senior secretary who was explaining the process. The hospital registrar then digitally signs the birth certificate created from the data.

Birth certificates can now be given to the newborn’s parents just hours after birth, he continued. In the upcoming months, “we will work to implement this capability in all government facilities so that an automatic birth registration certificate is issued immediately in each case,” he continued.

Thus, birth certificates can be given to the baby’s parents shortly after birth. Despite some minor Registrar-related issues, the application programming interface (API) is currently operational for all government health facilities that serve as Registrars (up to the basic healthcare level). Up to this point, about 2,500 birth certificates have been issued, Sensharma added.

Suo Moto Birth Registration’s Purpose in Uttar Pradesh

To enable computerized birth registration certificates at the facility itself, even without an application, the MaNTrA app and the birth registration system had to be smoothly integrated. Employing innovative digital technology architecture is a step toward improving the “ease of living” of the average person. The state administration is always working to deploy cutting-edge technologies to simplify living. Sensharma stated, “We are making our efforts in that area, but there is still a long way to go.

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