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UP Police Trolled For Using Sound Of ‘Thai Thai’ In Place Of Real Firing During An Encounter

The job of a police is tough, right? Especially when you are in UP Police.

I mean you have to chase the criminals, arrest them, even shoot them in an encounter and what not. But I guess sometimes, it fries up their brain and makes them do crazy things.

On 12th October, a hilarious, rather ‘lame’ event occurred during an encounter by UP police. It will definitely make you believe, how knocked out the policemen were, during this mission. ( rather stoned, coz they didn’t seem to look drunk. LOL)

What happened during the encounter?

So, these policemen were chasing a couple of criminals near the Sambal district of Uttar Pradesh. Unfortunately, the criminals somehow ran away and managed to sneak in the forest nearby. Naturally, the daring policemen followed them and ventured inside the jungle too.

Police shouting Thai Thai

But wait, what?

When the time came to fire the gun and scare the criminals out of their hiding, the gun failed to work. It just was jammed or something, god knows. It was when the Chief officer came up with this lame idea to make the sound of Thai Thai, using his mouth to scare off the criminals.

He was even accompanied by one of the officers who stood near him, while they fake fired in the forest.

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Police shouting Thai Thai

I mean, seriously?  What were these guys thinking?


Anyway, they did apply this brilliant idea. And the whole video of these hilarious ‘Thai Thai’ depictions of the sound of a gunfire is doing rounds. Obviously, they got hell trolled on social media.

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Watch the hilarious video here- (and feel free to make a dub-smash video out of it like others are)

ViralBake Telegram

However, there is a slight catch to this stupid video, if you pay attention.

As far as the video shows, there are several policemen around with their rifles, where the said encounter is taking place. Why didn’t they use one of those? Or was it a fake video to gain publicity?

Who knows?

On the contrary, I have no idea about the criminals, whether they ran off holding their laughter or died laughing? Because there isn’t any update on that news. However, the policemen involved in this epic encounter got trolled for a lifetime.

What’s next UP police? The sound of a bomb?

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