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Upcoming Elections In India 2019: Will BJP Come To Power Again?

The time has come when we need to think about the future of our nation. It’s the time when we have to choose a new leader for our country. The dates for upcoming elections in India 2019 are out and a seven-phase poll is scheduled from April 11 to May 19. The results will be declared by 23 May.

But the main question is who should we chose to run our nation. Now, this is a topic of debate that most of the people love getting into. We have an option of re-electing Modi Ji to continue running as our Prime Minister.

Or we have another option to elect Rahul Gandhi (though it can be turn out to be a disaster). But then, there are many other local parties as well, they are not as popular as BJP, Congress or AAP but they are still giving a very good competition to those who are at the top.

So, is it going to be BJP Sarkar again?

 upcoming elections in India 2019

Narendra Modi has become the face of BJP, as he is an anti-graft (anti-corrupt) leader. He has had so many achievements, from trying to take out the fake currency to applying the GST to balance the economy. Not just this but he is also a pro-poor leader, who is trying to take our nation out of the reach of poverty.

Furthermore, his ability to deal with the neighboring nations and maintaining good terms with everyone has made our country to get respect worldwide.

But that’s doesn’t imply on the entire party, as Modi is a single person and he can’t be accountable for all the other nefarious leaders. Undoubtedly, these corrupt politicians under BJP’s wing can give the party a hard time.

Although, after the IAF air strike and actions that Modi has taken against JeM terrorist group has made BJP’s winning chances a tad bit stronger.

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Or will it be Rahul Gandhi and Congress?

 upcoming elections in India 2019

However, if you go with Twitter, you’ll only look at Rahul Gandhi as someone who is just there to entertain others. But Congress is trying to take on his opposition (BJP) by doing a negative campaign.

Asking questions from BJP and accusing the party of fraud during the Rafale deal, intolerance, farm distress is not portraying a good impression on the public. Congress is desperately trying to convince people by pointing out things that aren’t perfect in BJP.

It might even work, but they are taking a completely wrong approach in their anti-BJP campaign. The recent political chaos Congress created by questioning airstrikes on Pakistan isn’t going to work as the entire nation knows, PM Modi (BJP) has done what was required and supported by his nation.

Though, that doesn’t mean Congress has no chance of taking on his opponents. Knowing that Congress has touched their all-time low. In the upcoming elections in India 2019, Congress is willing to sit in the opposition this year, instead of aiming for the position of PM.

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What about the other local parties?

 upcoming elections in India 2019

Regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, DMK, and YSRCP are getting more popularity than the glorious BJP and Congress in their home turf. The reason for that is simple, they know about the struggles and the things that their public need more than the parties who are trying to focus on the bigger corners of our country.

Looking at the current stats, BJP was thrown over by these regional parties in several seats. Naturally, many state parties are giving a good challenge to BJP. And if the regional parties successfully get seats in a couple of big states, it can make their chances strong to sit in the Lok Sabha as the opposition party.

What would be the result of Upcoming elections in India 2019?

Having said that, Congress has recently won 3 states, still, people are not sure to vote for them this year. BJP has also become the second choice in many states which gives a great opportunity for these local parties.

The competition is stiff, none of the parties has complete assurance of winning the election. After the IAF airstrike, BJP’s chances have become strong but there the competition is stiff.

Tell us what you think, who is going to win the upcoming elections in India 2019?

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