Update Your WhatsApp to the Latest Version Now or This Could Happen

Without wasting much of your time, let me tell you that WhatsApp has severe security bugs and vulnerabilities issues that can affect the data stored on your device. The only solution to fix this problem is to update your application to the latest version.

But there is still a big ‘BUT’ in there.

Read this article to know about the big gap in this solution along with every information related to this news.

What is WhatsApp’s New Security Vulnerability?

With the ongoing issue with the WhatsApp application, hackers can remotely take control of not only your application but also your device. They can give all sorts of commands to your device irrespective of the geographical location of your device and the hacker.

This happens due to the download of malicious malware. You might have downloaded a video to your device and this malware can crawl with it into your device giving the hacker complete control over your device.

Whom does it affect?

The big ‘BUT’ in this story is that the bug affects all Android and iOS users using the version before v2.22.16.12. People using the version below the mentioned one can not solve the problem by just updating the application.

What Harm does it do to the User’s Deviceṣ?

As per Cybersecurity News, this bug leaves your device vulnerable to the following conditions:

  • It could help the hacker launch malware on your device.
  • It could lead to data theft.
  • It could let the hacker spectate the activities done on your device.
  • Or the hacker can hack your entire device.


This was an article on the latest threat possessed by the WhatsApp application for your device and the sensitive data on it. Make sure to update your device to the latest version to stay safe from this situation.

Please share this article with all your WhatsApp contacts. Also, you can use the comment section given below to discuss or pass on more relative information to help your fellow readers.

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