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Transferred UPI Amount To A Wrong Account? Know What Can You Do

Which method do you prefer to pay ₹12, or ₹50 or ₹2,000 or even ₹10,000? UPI, right? UPI payment system allows an individual to pay up to ₹1,00,000 in 4 simple steps. This process is smooth, easy to use, accurate and instant, it doesn’t require a debit or credit to be linked or a form to be filled out like NEFT or RTGS. Users just link their bank accounts, fill in an amount, and enter the UPI PIN to send away the payments. Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc are UPI-based applications because of which this interface has become a deep root of India’s digital payment system without which it can’t thrive. However, such frequent payment systems can also make you impatient enough to send a payment to the wrong person or account.

Transferred UPI Amount To A Wrong Account Know What Can You Do

Paying UPI Amount To the Wrong Account

If you have, by mistake, sent a payment via UPI to the wrong account number, then there are a few procedures to follow that might bring your money back.

As Per BHIM Law

As mentioned under BHIM regulations a user cannot receive or demand his money back, if has transferred it to someone else’s account number. So, the mediator, which is the BHIM app, can’t bring your money back because entering the PIN before sending the amount resembles your consent. That’s why the only thing you can do is contact the beneficiary who has received your amount by mistake and ask them to return it, smoothly. However, before contacting them you should double-check all the details and confirm the receiver.

TIP: Send money through UPI only after confirming it with a message saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, if your preferred receiver is getting the message then you can step ahead to send the money.

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A Complaint Can Be Made For UPI Amount

Even after getting your money back, you can still file a complaint to mention this error to the associated UPI-based payment companies like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm, using their support system. For BHIM app users, they can file their complaint on this toll-free number 18001201740.

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