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Here’s How You Can Make UPI Payments Without Internet

UPI money transferring process is as easy as unlocking the screen lock of your mobile phone. This convenient method has eradicated the need of standing in long lines at ATMs to withdraw cash. Furthermore, as UPI allows us to transfer the amount up to ₹1 Lakh, the citizens are no longer required to carry large amounts of cash. Now, one more capability of WhatsApp has been added to the list with which users will be able to make payments with feature phones also.

Here's How You Can Make UPI Payments Without Internet

Offline UPI Payments

UPI 123PAY is an instant payment system that allows users to make offline payments without the Internet. But if you don’t know how to make UPI payments without the internet then we have got you covered. You will first have to activate IVR Interactive Voice Response services on your phone and then you can use these below-mentioned ways to transfer money offline using UPI 123PAY.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Using pre-defined IVR numbers like 080 4516 3666, 080 4516 3581 and 6366 200 200, one can start making transactions. You will have to verify your UPI ID and with the given set of instructions, you can make desired payments.

Missed Call

You can give a missed call on the phone number provided at the merchant store for making transactions like sending or receiving funds, making bill payments, etc. Then with the help of the bill amount and mobile number, the merchant will create a token number. Now you have to make a missed call on the mobile number to receive a call from 08071 800 800 to authenticate the transaction. Finally, enter the UPI PIN to complete the process.

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Proximity Sound-Based System

“You can call the IVR number 6366 200 200 and opt for the Pay to Merchant option. Tap your mobile phone on the merchant’s device (POD), and press # once the device emits a unique tone. Enter the amount payable and your UPI PIN. You will receive confirmation through an IVR call.”

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