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Smell These 5 Things To Uplift Your Mood

Mood swings are the worst, right? Horrible boss, nagging partner, neverending traffic, heat, loud noises are a few things that are mostly responsible for ruining mood.

Now, I understand that most of you end up taking shelter in a chilled beer bottle or smoke up to uplift your mood a bit. But what if I tell you there are much better and easier ways to uplift your mood and get back to normal?

How to uplift your mood?

Certain smells are proven to uplift your mood instantly. When you feel low or have a bad mood, try to use one of these 5 things that can help you cheer up a bit. Here they are –

1. Citrus smell

Any citrusy smell- orange, lemons, limes that emitts tangy odor can instantly boost your mood. Also, scientifically lemon scent is known to boost energy and destress your nerves.

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2. Pine

It is very easy to connect with this smell, the reason being it is always associated with winters and Christmas. Which is why smelling pine can make you jog down the memory lane and bring a smile.

3. Sunscreens

So, when was the last time you went out on a beach and soaked yourselves in sunscreen lotion while sunbathing? Well, smelling it would definitely make you recall those times and end up lifting your mood.

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4. Mint

Mint is the best mood lifter. You can smell the fragrance or even drink something that has peppermint in it. This smell is known to make your mind calm and relaxed thereby giving a better hold on your mood.

5. Sandalwood

Sandalwood fragrance can help you fall asleep effortlessly. It also relieves anxiety and uplifts your mood. It will help you subdue feelings of irritability and aggression.

How to keep these smells handy?

The best way you can keep these smells handy is by purchasing essential oils with your favorite smell. As the essentials oil containers are small and compact, you can easily carry them in your belongings. And even if a drop or two spills, I am sure you won’t mind your bag smelling of sandalwood or lime.

Keep a handkerchief handy, in case you don’t want to carry the oil container. Pour a few drops on your handkerchief and smell it throughout your day for a good mood.

 In Conclusion:

Instead of spending thousands on movies and fancy drink parties, you can stick to these simple ways to uplift your mood. Unlike parties, it will not only save you a lot of money but also help you decrease your stress levels instead of giving a massive hangover.

Choose your smell and lift your mood!
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