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US Needs India To Drop Defence Deals With Russia

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin To India

India should drop the defence deals with Russia and deflate its dependence on this country, said Lloyd Austin, US Defence Secretary on Tuesday.

Austin told at the congressional defence budget hearing to the members of House Armed Services, “We continue to work with them (India) to ensure that they understand that it’s not in there — we believe that — it’s not in their best interest to continue to invest in Russian equipment.”

Continues, “And our requirement going forward is that they downscale the types of equipment that they’re investing in and look to invest more in the types of things that will make us continue to be compatible.

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin To India

Austin Responds

Austin made the above comments while responding to the question of Joe Wilson, Congressman. He questioned India’s role in the ongoing war.

Wilson said, “Gruesomely, our treasured ally India, the world’s largest democracy, is choosing to align itself with the Kremlin by choosing Russian weapons systems over American and allied options.”

Then asks, “What weapons platforms could we offer through the foreign military sales program that would incentivise rush — Indian leaders to reject Putin and align with its natural allies of democracy?

Wilson further said, “I look forward to you continuing to work with the great people of India. And what a great ally they can be if we eliminate some of the restrictions on sales.”

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Russian Weapons

Russian Weapons

As US shows its concern over India’s deal with Russia and states that it will not result in our favour, the Centre made it very clear that they will continue to make cheap oil deals with Russia.

Russian made Tanks, Artillery Guns, Missile Systems and more are being used by the Indian Military. And India is now looking forward to closing the deal on “Russia’s S-400 air defence system” which the US is opposing.

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