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Bizarre Ideas – Company Selling Used Tissue That Will Certainly Make You Sick For $80

No one want’s to buy used tissue that is specifically meant to make you sick, right? But still, this LA-based company has come up with a bizarre idea to fight flu. No kidding.

People on social media are either disgusted by the thought of using a used tissue or mocking the company, but no one is able to believe what this company is up to.

What’s so weird?

used tissue

A Los Angeles based start-up company has come up with this new and bizarre idea to train your immune system.

They are selling used tissues that are filled with flu viruses. Their first and only product, known as Vaev Tissue is made in a way that it’ll make the user sick first (they are not responsible if something gets serious). This way your immune system can fight the infection off and train itself to defend against the same virus in future.

Are they serious? Yes, they are!

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The idea behind used tissues

used tissue

Although their concept is pretty simple. Just like you train your brain and our body by exceeding its limits, this new company is trying to train your immune system by giving it the artificial flu.

It doesn’t matter if it seems like a solid attempt or just a stupid idea to you. One thing is sure, this Vaev Tissue is a very disgusting product. If you don’t agree and you are considering to give it a try, wait till you know its price.

The price of Vaev used tissue

The company is already providing international shipping. However, the cost of the tissue alone (excluding shipping charges and other charges), is around $79.99, which roughly costs 5696.69 INR.

Now think again, do you think you want it? Have a look at their fancy ad-

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In Conclusion:

Just like you, twitter-ers are also creeping out with the thought of consciously using a used tissue that is infected with someone else’s snot. I mean, ewwww! Netzines are also mocking the company by asking if they’ll get the refund after using and then returning their used tissue?

What about you, want to give this used tissue a try?

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