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10 Websites And Apps That Every Student Should Know About But they Don’t

If these apps were present in my school days, life would be so easy.

School life is certainly the best time of everyone’s life. But among all this, there is one thing that every student hates to the core – The Homework. Right?

Homework is one of the worst nightmares of a student life. Even when you pass your board exams, the only change that happens in terms of homework is that ‘Voila,  it is called assignments now.’ 

But don’t worry, here are 10 unique mobile apps and websites that will help you complete those dreadful assignments: 

1. Thepopp

Useful websites for students

Thepopp (The Power of PowerPoint) is the best and an underrated website that can help you create the most professional looking presentations.

There are tonnes of powerpoint templates available for free on this website. You won’t just save your time with these professional templates but also be able to get the impressive credit score in the class. Sorted, haan?

2. StudyBlue

Useful websites for students Useful websites for studentsUseful websites for students

It is an Android and iOS app that provides a way for students and teachers to interact and create flashcards and study material.

StudyBlue also offers an online website that students can use to create their list of subjects and then study on their phone. If you use flashcards in your class, trust me, this app is made for you. 

3. CiteThisForMe

Useful websites for students

Earlier known as Refme, CiteThisForMe is a marvelous app that can help you with your assignments and essays.

Use CiteThisForMe to find accurate references simply by scanning the barcodes and QR codes from the sources like books, web pages, articles, newspapers and many more. Now write your essay without worrying about creating the reference list. CiteThisForMe has got you covered.

4. DeepL

Useful websites for students

DeepL is an online translator that uses the neural net architecture to derive meaningful sentences instead of literal word translations that are severely off the track.

The best thing about DeepL is that you can directly feed the word or powerpoint document and it will translate it to the best meaningful way possible. You can write your German essay in English and use DeepL to translate it before submission.

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Useful websites for students

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Just as the name suggests OpenCourser is a small search engine where you can find several courses in any field.

Our academic courses and textbooks are not enough if you want to perform better in your life. Students continuously look for suitable courses which help them to gain an insight into the real world and prepare them for the future. OpenCourser is one stop solution for the students looking for courses to apply for.

6. Phokas Self Control

Useful websites for students

For the procrastinators, especially at the high-school level, Phokas is a mobile app that can solve their problem.

It helps you beat the procrastination monster that is living inside. The app blocks all the unnecessary websites that can cause a distraction. Use self-control and save your self from the panic attack of working at the last moment.

7. Slader

Useful websites for students

Made to ease your homework troubles, Slader is a website that can literally answer all the question of your textbooks.

In case you forgot that you were supposed to submit your homework, TODAY, in the next class. Simply run to the cafeteria, open Slader and just copy all the answers from the website.

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8. Studious

Useful websites for students Useful websites for students Useful websites for students

Although the name sounds very intense, this app will allow you to dodge the situation of that last minute cafeteria visit to copy your homework.

Studious is the app that will remind you about the upcoming tests and due assignment dates. Not just that but this app will also help you gain some extra credit by displaying you as a sincere student in your class by automatically turning your phone on silent.

9. DirtyMarkup

Useful websites for students

If you are a student of computer science and struggling with the same code for the past week. You can use the website DirtyMarkup.com as it helps you clean your trashy code.

With the help of DirtyMarkup You can find out what was your mistake and how to fix it. I can see the grin on your face. Just shut it and use it discreetly.OK?

10. Writing Prompts

Useful websites for students

Writing Prompts is a mobile app that can help students to generate creative ideas. Simply by showing random words, phrases, images and other things this app helps to spark fresh ideas.

You have to write an essay for your college application as you always wanted to study abroad. You know how important it is but sadly you don’t have any fresh idea’s that you can work upon to impress the Dean of the college you are applying to.

In Conclusion:

As students, you think that homework is a nightmare of your life and you could have enjoyed more if there was no such thing as homework. But remember homework helps you enhance your skills and brings out the best in you.

With the help of above-mentioned apps and websites, you won’t think of homework as nightmares anymore. Instead, these apps and websites will help you become proficient and homework will feel like fun.

(Umm…not true BTW, homework can never be fun). 

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