10 Useless Inventions That Make No Sense But You Can Still Buy Coz Apki Mrzi

Need drives innovation, however, at times, people use their most wired part of the brain to work and the result is these useless innovations that you make no sense but you can still buy if you have enough money to spend.

1. Wine Glass Holder Necklace


Too tired to hold your drink? This wine glass necklace holder has got you covered. And yes, now you don’t need an excuse to say “hold my drink“.

2. Diet Water 


If your rigorous diet plan wasn’t enough, buy this diet water because no one – for good – told you how harmful normal water could be. I am quitting water.

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3. Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Have to say, innovation just spoiled the fun that eating ice cream is as it’s cream melts and you need to finish it quickly enough. RIP fun.

4. Chin Rest

If carrying a tiffin, lunch box, and earphones weren’t enough, carry this long, space-consuming chin chest for reasons unknown.

5. Toilet Paper Hat

The name already states enough but for SEO purposes – this hat sits comfortably on your head allowing you to pull down sheets right when you need them. Great for unexpected sneezes if you can find the ‘end’ on time.

6. Breast Cushion

Are you breast the reason why you can’t sleep at night because they get in the way of each other? Get these breast cushions we don’t know how it can help you, but you told us you have money.

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7. Shoe Umbrella 

A Japanese invention, show umbrella protects your shoes from direct contact with rainwater, however, the umbrella doesn’t guarantee protection from indirect contact which is the real woe.

8. Screen Privacy Scraf

In a world where privacy is a much-talked thing, this scarf ensures you enjoy enough of it. While they look super stylish, there’s really no need.

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9. Banana Slicer

If having a tough time slicing a banana, here is a banana slicer for you. Thank us later for introducing you to such a useless thing.

10. Toilet Golf 

I want to meet the guy who said to himself that this was a good idea and that it needed to be spread throughout the world.

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