Valentine’s Day Week 2023: Explained with Date

Love is in the air and even if it is not, then the month of February brings butterflies to the stomach. If you are someone who has recently gotten intoxicated in love, then you must learn about all the seven days of Valentine’s week. Once you know that, you will be able to surprise your boo with all the love that she deserves.

1. Rose Day: 7th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Rose Day

The first day of Valentine’s week is Rose Day which is celebrated on the 7th of February to express our love for our loved ones. Flowers symbolise affection hence making them the best way to deliver the message of love to your partner. In addition to that, you will be glad to know that every colour of rose has a significance which is mentioned below:

  • Red Roses: Love and Passion
  • Orange Roses: Energy and Desire
  • Yellow Roses: Friendship and Joy
  • Green Roses: Growth and Abundance
  • Blue Roses: Mystery and Uniqueness
  • Lavender Roses: Wonder and Enchantment
  • Pink Roses: Elegant and Sweetness
  • Peach Roses: Sincerity and Gratitude
  • Black Roses: Change and Courage
  • White Roses: Young Love and Innocence
  • Ivory Roses: Grace and Charm
  • Multicoloured Roses: Combined Message

2. Propose Day: 8th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Propose Day

If you are looking forward to taking your relationship to the next level, then the 8th of February is the perfect day to do that. It is a day that is celebrated as Propose Day so you can ask your better half to become official with you. If you are looking forward to officiating your relationship, then go ahead and use the opportunity.

3. Chocolate Day: 9th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Chocolate Day

Is there anything better than chocolates?

I am sure there are multiple things better than chocolates but not when chocolates are around. We love them for multiple reasons but when it is between partners, there is more to learn about them.

Chocolates increase libido, reduces stress level and boosts mood which creates the perfect romantic atmosphere for the couple.

4. Teddy Day: 10th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Teddy Day

Girls love teddy bears but you can also gift them to your male partner as well. It is just a great way to provide your loved one with a soft and cuddly atmosphere when they go to bed. Sleeping around soft and cosy stuff offers a sound sleep which is one of the most important factors for a healthy body.

5. Promise Day: 11th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Promise Day

Promises are the foundation of a relationship and it becomes stronger if you keep your word. If you haven’t made any promises to your partner, then take this day to make promises to him or her that you intend to keep throughout your life.

6. Hug Day: 12th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Hug Day

If you guys have not hugged each other, then this is the day to kick-start your love language of physical affection. If you think that you can not make it special then spice this day up by maybe taking your boo to a hilltop for an extra special hug or you can plan a movie night in a cosy quilt where you lie down hugging each other.

7. Kiss Day: 13th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Kiss Day

Just like a hug, if you have been postponing your kiss until now, then wait no more as Kiss Day is here to get you guys going. Similar to Hug Day, take your better half to a romantic place where you guys can kiss each other with all the passion between your couple.

Please note that nothing should be without consent even if you are married to each other. So, ensure that your partner is comfortable with what you have in your mind. You can put her or his best friend on the task to learn about their viewpoint on your thoughts.

8. Valentine’s Day: 14th February

Valentine’s Day Week: Each Day Explained with Date: Happy Valentine Day

Lastly, 14th February, the day of love is here. You are totally free to play whatever you have on your mind which can include a date night, movie night, balcony date, movie at home night, Netflix and chill, cooking together night and whatever you both like.

Just ensure that you plan something for your partner that he or she likes or you both like and is not only of interest.

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