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Various Instances From Across The World That’s Everything Positive We Need Right Now

As the world together battles against the wrath of deadly coronavirus, a class of heroes has emerged across the world. These heroes are not just professionals working day and night to ensure the citizens and their patients are safe but the heroes are also people who are spreading positivity in tough times.

There are many such incidents spewing positivity that will leave you teary eyes and though we can’t get them here all at once, we have surely tried.

In one incident, a pandemic worker, who was on her way to work in England, got every ounce of appreciation she deserves by her neighbours.

Tayla Porter had stepped out of her house and was on her way to work when she has received a standing ovation from her entire neighbourhood. It was so overwhelming that she began to cry and so are we. Have a look:

In another video, an elderly couple can be seen dancing while self-isolating themselves. The elderly husband adorably dances to the rhythm of his wife’s piano. That is the kind of positivity we need to spread right now.

In another video, a US doctor who works at Mayo Clinic, US, has shared the video of him singing John Lennon’s Imagine, which is so pleasing to hear. It is good to see how doctors are taking some time off and healing us emotionally.

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You may have seen Anushka giving Kohli a haircut but that is nowhere close to this video of two friends cutting each other’s hair with a gardening scissor and experimenting while self-isolating.

To convey coronavirus awareness message loud and clear, Indian police personnel across India have come up with numerous ways to keep the defaulters in check. Some of them have also come up with their own version of iconic songs to warn the people about coronavirus.

In yet another instance, famous landmarks in the UK lit up blue to honour the efforts of medical staff and professionals in the counrty who are working day and night for the world out there.

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Be positive and stay negative.

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