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Veere Di Wedding Fever Is All Time High, And We Can’t Wait To Watch The Movie

We are totally excited about the all trending movie- Veere Di Wedding (VDW). The trailers exploded us with colors and blings, drenched with cussing and alcohol.

Here’s what else you can look forward to-

1. The movie is bombarded with cuss words after…like…every second!! Veere di wedding seems to be yet another example of- “crash course on -How Delhiites cuss!”

veere di wedding gif

2. VDW can be called the fancy Indian version of “Sex and the city”. Kareena plays- Carrie Bradshaw and similarly the three leads can be related with the rest of the characters.

sex and the city gif

3. Girls with the names- Avni, Meera, Sakshi and Kalindi – Get ready to be trolled coz VDW has destroyed it for you. Sadly, you could be the butt of lot of jokes in the coming months!!

cant live with myself

4. Apparently, the only beauty to look forward to in Veere Di wedding is – Sumeet Vyas. (Coz BABA is Beautiful!!) Remember?

sumeet vyas beautiful dialogue

5. There was a rumour that Kareena wanted to leave the project midway! I mean- who knows …Maybe she was just fed up of hearing the unnecessary cussing all along!

kareena kapoor running

Kareena was so pissed on herself for turning down a SRK project, that ‘she tried to run away from the shootings.’ Alas, she couldn’t. All she could do was follow a strict gym routine to vent out that aggression and sadness of being stuck with VDW.
6. If you want to update yourself with the current fashion trend in Indian wedding- VDW is for you. At least you get to see fashionista’s showing off designer shoes and them bling throughout the entire picture!

veere di wedding

7. Shikha Talsania seems to have lost a good amount of weight- in comparison to her role in ‘Wake up Sid’. (Not sure if Sonam or the script demanded her to shed weight)

veere di wedding gif

*Sonam speaking to herself * who knows… what if she falls on me…? No, No…

*Sonam to Director- Cast her only if she is half of what she was before!!)

8. Don’t you dare confuse VDW as a Chick Flick! This movie is anything –BUT a movie which just portrays rich and spoilt divas drinking, smoking and cussing freely.

veere di wedding emotional gif

9. Rhea (director & Sonam’s sis) has taken the ‘Aisha’ concept to the next level with VDW. Definitely, the all sweet character in her previous project is now spiced up with alcohol, smoke and other magical words. (Basically the concerned Aisha has grown into- ‘I don’t give a fuck Aisha’ in VDW!!)

veere di wedding gif

10. Veere Di Wedding has such a magnificent plot and was attractive to such extent that Jimmy Shergill started making his own- Veeray ki Wedding. (Yup, few days ago VKW released starring Jimmy Shergill was released)

veere ki wedding jimmy shergill

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The issue of having similar names for the movie was taken to the court. Although,the judge was like- “ Bleh…who cares….to hell with your names!” and the case was closed.

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Trailer- Veere di Wedding


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