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These Are The 10 Really Cool Things Video Games Taught Us About Life

There was no day, until the end of my high school, when I didn’t get lectured from my dad for playing video games.

It still happens on the weekend. When my dad and I, both are home and he sees me playing video games, the entire house knows what’s going to happen next.

He doesn’t like the concept of video games. He thinks playing electronic games are a waste of time. But what he doesn’t know, is that video games have taught me more than what I’ve learned in school.

That’s why I will let you know about the 10 things video games taught us about life.

1. Ability to hear and observe

things video games taught us about life

Games like CS-GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive), COD (Call of Duty), PUBG (Players Unknown Batter Ground)etc. has helped me become a better observer. In order to stay in the game, you have to depend on your ability to hear foot-steps, injured opponent using bandages, the sound of taking the clip from a frag grenade.

If you don’t pay extra attention, you’ll die. Although, hearing footsteps of approaching enemy is the only thing that I used to do while playing games. But in real life, this skill has improved my ability to hear and observe. One of the things video games taught us about life is that, if you stay alert, you survive.

Now, I know when to minimize porn when my dad gets up at night!

2. Improves history

things video games taught us about life

Do you know the meaning of the word “Apothecary?” Naah, don’t google it, you would have known the meaning if you had played some historic games in past. Playing games like Assasin’s Creed has taught me so many great things about history. Unfortunately, most of them are related to American History.

And the word “apothecary” means a pharmacist. I got a kiss from my history teacher in 4th standard, just because I was the only kid who knew the meaning. (blush) I wish there are games that are made on the basis of Indian history. Unfortunately, there aren’t any. It would be so easy for kids to know about the past through a game.

And yeah, no one would have to sleep in their history class anymore.

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3. Help with your English

things video games taught us about life

Listening to English songs, watching English movies or reading books that are written in English are often considered the best way to learn English. Well, you can add playing video games on this list as well. All the classic video games often tell a story that you have to follow to finish the game.

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These stories often include good dialogue writing, that can help to improve your English. But sadly people who are not too much into gaming often skip the story because they think video games are just there for the entertainment purpose. In reality, just like books video games are able to teach you a lot.

That’s how I got my gf. (who stays in Floride btw)

4. IT expert

things video games taught us about life

If you are a gamer, you will also be a good IT person and I bet you are the one who helps everyone in your family when it comes to buying new tech. You know what is there just for the purpose of marketing and what’s really important. If you agree with me, then you know that there is no use of buying a smartphone that comes with 8GB of ram, is it?

There is no way your smartphone is ever going to need to use 8GB’s of ram. Where do you think did I got the knowledge from? By playing video games. In order to play all the latest and greatest PC titles, gamers need to make sure that their system matches the requirement of the game. It will teach you the different hardware requirements.

Just so you know, I am the official IT head of MY FAMILY.

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5. Getting angry is no solution

things video games taught us about life

Yes, playing games can get very frustrating sometimes. It’s not your fault that the last boss of the game is hard to beat. Sometimes, it takes days or maybe weeks to clear a particular level and this certainly made me angry. I miss those days, back when I used to play games all night. But I also knew, getting angry is only going to cost me a new keyboard.

And I also knew I’m broke. You can say, video games have taught me getting angry is not going to give you the solution to your problem. Angry mind will make it hard for you to think and the best way is to take some break and get back to work again. This time with a clear brain and this works in real life just fine.

Now I don’t throw my console anymore, I just light my spliff and wait.

6. The straightest path isn’t always the best path

things video games taught us about life

In many movies and stories, we have seen that the straightest path isn’t always the best path. In life, there is no short-cut to success and if you think you can just walk straight to success, you are wrong my friend. You have read and watched stories telling you the same thing but you didn’t remember because it wasn’t an experience for you.

You just watched the movie and got over with it. In video games, you play as a character of the story. Unlike movies and books, this time you will be a part of the story and not just reading it. All the experience your characters goes through in video games are going to teach you something as well. Because you are the one who’s controlling the character.

Thanks to video games, now I slide through narrow allies and sneak out at night without mum knowing. LOL

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7. Cooking Mama

things video games taught us about life

This thing is something that my friend learned from playing the Cooking mama game. He is one of my good friends, and he did learn the basics of cooking after playing this game. I’m not sure about the recipes but it certainly gives a good lesson on how to use various ingredients.

If you don’t believe me, search “the guy putting cooking mama recipes to test” on YouTube and you’ll get the answer. If you are a girl who loves to play video games, tell about this to your mom. Instead of sending you off to a cooking class, your mom will give you money. But now you can buy all those classic games on cooking.

Survival Maggie is something he learned from cooking mama and that’s how we sorted our 3 am munchies last night.

8. The concept of an alternative solution

things video games taught us about life

There is no need to do things in the usual way when you are playing video games. You are not going to get punished if you aren’t able to reach the finish line by picking your own way. Instead, the game introduces players with the concept of an alternative solution.

This is something anyone can really count on and is certainly one of the best things video games taught us about life. Playing video games teaches us how to use the resource that is available to us at the moment to get the best result. You don’t have to follow what others telling you, you use your own way to tackle the problem.

We too settle down on rum when we don’t get Teachers, don’t we?

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9. Made me a better driver

things video games taught us about life

Playing car racing games, like Need For Speed is certainly very fun. Cop chase, breaking the speed limits and what not. Well, you might not know is that by playing games like Gran Turismo you can actually earn an FIA-recognized driving license in the game.

You can use to obtain a digital license in Gran Turismo Sport that you can use to drive race cars in real life. I know I might never buy a Porsche 944 but I also know that I can get a license to drive a race car on the track. Playing racing games has helped me to learn about the physics of the car.

Now, dad lets me take his bike because he knows I can DRIVE.

10. Practice makes a man perfect

things video games taught us about life

Video games are very fun to play but only if you play them, you’d know how competitive video games and game players can be. Especially in games like PUBG where it is hard to get the Chicken Dinner. You’ll like to try and try until you win the game. One of the things video games taught us about life is to never give up.

Just like in games, you never give up when you play a level unless you have crossed it. The method you apply on the game also works in real life. Video games have taught me practice makes a man perfect. This is one of the most valuable things video games taught us about life.

And after playing years of video games, I have a lot to boast about games and it’s a good conversation starter. Trust me.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt video games are very real, and many people don’t like the concept of games that show extreme violence. But what they don’t know is that these video games are teaching their kids the difference between right and wrong.

Yes, there are video games that show the extremely gruesome scene of killing and stabbing but they are also showing the consequences of doing wrong.

I think video games are the best, my dad might never understand how many cool things video games taught us about life. But I hope you’ll.

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