Video: Iranian Women Protests Mahsa Amini's Death, Chop Their Hairs

Video: Iranian Women Protests Mahsa Amini’s Death, Chop Their Hairs

In these viral videos, Iranian Women can be seen protesting 24 years old Mahsa Amini’s death. Who was in the custody of a Police unit, that is responsible for enforcing the Islamic dress codes for women, after being detained. To mark their widespread protests against the “morality police” Iranian women are chopping their hair, burning hijabs and sharing videos on social media platforms. Some of them are even dressed as men, as reported by The Independent. Now, these viral videos are spreading crazily over the Internet, reaching millions of people in hours.

Iranian Women Protests Mahsa Amini's Death, Chop Their Hairs

Iranian Women Protesting Against “Morality Police”

In Saqez, Mahsa Amini’s hometown, the protesters are now on the streets shouting anti-government slogans. They are gathering from the nearby cities in the Kurdistan region of Iran, according to Reuters. “Death to the dictator”, chanting the crowd as a reference to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Police, to calm the situation, were seen launching tear gas and other methods. Also, on the video, a man has seen with a head injury and someone shouted out that it was caused by the birdshot.

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