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Video: News Anchor’s ‘Tooth’ Fells During Live Broadcast And Her Reaction Is Amazing

Managing things on the spot is an art. And when things go wrong on the live broadcast it requires some guts and courage to manage it effectively. Well, this news anchor has surely got that art in her pocket and is now winning the praises. Ensuring that the news broadcast goes on uninterrupted she managed the sudden fall of her tooth in some style.

The video of the Ukrainian journalist saving her day with swag is going viral on social media. Maricha Padalko was reading a Coronavirus update on air while the incident took place. Quite smartly she put the hand in front of her mouth and drove away the fallen tooth. However, she couldn’t escape the camera frame that caught her toothless as she removed the hand from the mouth. The news anchor shared the video of the incident on her Instagram handle as well.

Netizens praised the professionalism of the lady and the way she kept her cool. The journalist said that she first damaged the tooth more than a decade ago. When her daughter had picked up an alarm clock from her bedroom, she waved it around “like a toy”. The young girl accidentally hurt her mother’s tooth.

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Padalko said that she thought her act would go unnoticed. However, she says that she “underestimated the attentiveness of our viewers”. What would you have done if you were in such a tricky situation? Do let us know.

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