Video Of Two Women Fighting For A Seat In Metro Is Now Viral

Video Of Two Women Fighting For A Seat In Metro Is Now Viral

Getting yourself a seat in the metro is an extreme task and that too during office hours. No one wants to leave his or her seat until their stop comes and others just stand patiently waiting for a seat to be vacant. But sometimes getting a hold of a metro seat gets intense and the same happened in this recent viral video. Two women, travelling in a Delhi metro, can be seen fighting verbally to acquire a seat. Those women were fighting for their seat while other travellers recorded the incident.

Video Of Two Women Fighting For A Seat

Viral Video Shows Women fighting For A Seat In Delhi Metro

The video was shared by an Instagram user named Pratibha Sharma. The video features two women, the first one refusing to move her bag from the seat while reserving it, and the second one fighting to get a hold of that seat and urging the woman to move her bag. But the seated woman kept refusing again and again from removing her bag.

The video caption reads, “In madam ji ko metro me bag rakhne ke liye bhi seat chahiye (This woman needs a seat in the metro to keep her bag”.


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“Netizens, of course, found it quite insensitive and peculiar how this woman behaved. Some trolled her for being uncouth. There is a third woman in the video, who has grabbed the internet’s attention. Her biting into a burger while these women fought has left everyone laughing.”

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