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Video Shows “A Day In The Life of A Panda Caretaker”

The Internet is flooded with cute and hilarious animal videos, especially the ones containing funny moments of cats and dogs. One similar animal video is going viral on social media platforms, but this time the video features pandas instead of cats and dogs. The video shows a bunch of baby pandas bothering their caretaker at work. After being shared on Twitter the video has gone rapidly viral while garnering 6 million views and over 220,000 likes.

Viral Video Showing A Day In The Life Of A Panda Caretaker

A Day In The Life of A Panda Caretaker

As you will play the clip it shows a panda trying to hold the caretaker from its legs as he cleans their shelter. Further, that baby panda tries to climb up on his back and the four other friends joined, all trying to hold the caretaker. The video is pretty adorable but it also shows that a caretaker’s job is not so easy.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared by the Twitter handle named Pups with the captions, “A day in the life of a panda caretaker.”

“I’d do this job for free, no human beings to annoy me, just happiness 365 days a year,” a user commented. Another wrote, “That is the cutest video that I have ever seen. How adorable are those pandas? I just love this video 1000% of HEARTS.”

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Another comment came, “Not sure how pandas have made it to this point in history. They as a species seem to have all the same survival instincts of a suburban toddler whose parents have told him that playing in the streets, talking to strangers, and falling out of trees is ok if that’s what they choose.” “Looks strangely familiar – like parents with toddlers,” asserted another.

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