Video: This Dog Can Play Volleyball Like A Pro. Want Can You Do?

While people are stuck in their homes, animals have become favorite companions to them. And some people have taken this championship to the next level.

A group on men when couldn’t find that last person to complete a 2 on 2 volleyball team sought help from nonother than a four-legged adorable being and she literally didn’t disappoint.

A video shared by a Norwegian beach volleyball team’s Instagram initially shows a dog named Kiara playing the human game. And when we talk about playing volleyball, don’t picture her just chasing the ball because she can do more than that. The video shared shows Kiara actually playing the game like a pro. Have a look.

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The dog playing volleyball has left the people amazed as they just can’t stop drooling over the skills she homes.

And if that one video wasn’t enough, here is another one of Kiara nailing the volleyball skills.

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