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This Vietnamese Chef Is Serving ‘Coronaburger’ To Cheer Up The Public

It’s no surprise that the tiniest of things can inspire people in ways one could not even imagine and coronavirus, though not tiny, is still no exception. After inspiring people to make coronavirus bhajans and whatnot, this time, coronavirus has inspired this Vietnamese chef to come up with a corona delicacy.

Named ‘Coronabruger’, the chef has designed the burger to help people cope up with the fear that the virus has sparked among them.

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“The economy is really down. Since January I had to close four of my restaurants… So last week I thought of making something that helps sell more and cheer (people) up,” chef Hoang Tung, founder of the Pizza Home restaurants in Hanoi, told Efe news over the phone.

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The chef told Efe News that he was inspired after watching Monsters, Inc, which has this virus kinda characters, which didn’t stop them from looking cute. He adds that he wanted to give it a try so he talked to his chefs and came up with the recipe.

“When I sold the first Coronaburger, I posted the photo on my Facebook (account) and after a few minutes we already had 50 orders. It’s big news in these depressing times,” the chef said.

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As far as the coronavirus outbreak in the country is concerned, Vietnam has taken stringent preventive measures to contain the virus. It had closed down its school in February and was one of the first countries to suspend flights from risk areas and impose quarantines.

The country currently has seen 178 infected patients to this day out of which 17 have been cured and no deaths have been reported yet.

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Chef Tung believes there is nothing to be acred about the virus. He also has endorsed the motto one of his clients suggested: “If you are scared of the coronavirus, eat a Coronaburger.” 

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