Violent Girls: Video Of Bengaluru School Girls Street Fighting Went Viral
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Violent Girls: Video Of Bengaluru School Girls Street Fighting Went Viral

A groundless video of some violent group of girls fighting each othe is going viral on social media being watched by hundreds of users. The video is showing the girls in school uniforms attacking each other on the streets in front of a Bengaluru School. Information about when this incident took place is still yet unknown, and the reason for the fight is also not officially discovered.

Judging from the uniforms the school girls engaged in the quarrel, the social media users asserted that the fight was more of a fist show-down between the students from two different schools. From the uniform of one girl, it was discovered that one of the schools is “Bengaluru’s famous Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.”

Video Of Bengaluru School Girls

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In the above video of Bengaluru School Girls, you can see them slapping and hitting each other, one student even took out a thick stick to beat others. They were pulling each other’s hair and at the start of the video you can see one girl pulling the hair of another drag her down the stairs. Some boys were also present at the site, seen trying to relax.

The fight lasted more than just a few minutes and you can hear the girls screaming, and shouting at each other. Some people witnessing their brawl tried to disengage them. Probably most of them would have sustained injuries.

School authorities did not intervene in the fight and neither have they issued any statement regarding the matter. Well, Twitter users are sure to binge-watch the video, flooding the video’s comment section with memes.

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