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Viral Video: Breathing Forest In Canada Is Terrifying Yet Fascinating

Do you like to go for a walk in the deep forest?

Well, if you live in Canada, you might get a chance to take a stroll through a totally new kind of forest, that practically no one has seen before. A ‘Breathing Forest’. Yup, the forest that literally breaths.

Where is the Breathing forest?

Sacre-Coeur is a province in the Quebec region of Canada, that witnessed something straight out of a storybook. Usually, people end up claiming that they saw a ghost or an orb in the forest, but this time the case is totally different. Just like in the fairy tales, where the forest is a living creature, this Canadian woodland rises and lowers itself.

breathing forest canada

While taking a stroll in the woods, a Canadian man came across something that he couldn’t believe. He saw an area in the forest land rising and settling down in a rhythm.

When he captured this and posted it online, it created a buzz among the Netizens. The video might be unsettling for some, but even then, it crossed over 3 million views in a matter of days. People are mesmerized and baffled at the same time, because the explanation given by experts seem to be, well, not logical.

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If you haven’t watched the amazing clip yet, have a look-

What do the experts say?

Now that you have seen the video, let me take you through the explanation that the experts have for this phenomenon. According to them, it’s an illusion. They believe that the strong winds play a major role in the whole case. And, the main culprit behind this, is the ground that is saturated with water due to the storm. This, in turn, reduces the soil cohesion.

And, when there is a storm and strong winds start to blow, it transfers its force into the stems, roots of the plants and the ground appears to move. Hence, the force of the wind creates the movement.


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Do you believe its the force of wind?

The explanation given by experts might or might not be true, but as far as my opinion goes, I don’t believe the breathing forest is an illusion created by wind. I don’t know the real reason either, but who knows? There might be a monster underneath or a giant who appears like a forest.

What do you think?

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