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Frozen Pants Challenge Is How People Are Having Fun ( In The Bone Freezing Temperatures Due To Polar Vortex)

Winter is here, maybe not for us but for Americans, winter is certainly here. A couple of days back people were warned about the risks of instant frostbite. Schools and Universities were all closed due to the extremely cold weather.

All this is happening because of the polar vortex split, which is considered to be a natural phenomenon but the human-caused pollution has made it’s effect adverse.

Everything is covered under a thick blanket of white snow. The weather is so harsh that peoples pants have started freezing and it sparked a new internet challenge.

What’s this Frozen Pants challenge?

Polar Vortex 2019

Several American states are facing harsh winters caused by the polar vortex 2019. The temperature has set new records by reaching -30 degree Celsius.

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Though, it was not enough to pull down the enthusiasm of social media and the netzines.  But everyone knows, water freeze below zero. However, this subzero temperature in several cities has given people a new idea to carry out their creativity.

After the viral videos of turning hot water into ice in seconds, now netzines have found a new way to enjoy this harsh weather. This Frozen pants challenge is the new approach to have fun in this cold weather.

frozen pants challenge

Placing wet pants outside

This new viral challenge involves people wetting their pants outside the house so that the water trapped inside the pants can freeze instantly in this bone-chilling temperature.

Instagram is filled with the photos and videos of people performing this new viral challenge. The frozen pants are able to stand up on their own and it looks really awesome.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here are some cool pictures and videos of this frozen pants challenge.


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Standing with the frozen pants. #frozenpants

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In Conclusion:

Picture of those pants without torso looks really amazing. Sadly, it is not possible to perform this same challenge in our country. But don’t worry, watching pictures of this viral challenge is also exciting.

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