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The Story Behind This Viral Picture Of Toddler At Airport Is More Than ‘Just Cute’ IT Is Humane!

Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of toddlers. Those pictures are cute no matter what. Just like cute cat pics, toddler pictures also help us beat Monday blues.

Which is why Internet loved seeing the picture of a cute baby and right now everyone is busy sharing the viral picture of toddler at airport.

The post has gained more than 186,000 likes on Facebook and 75,000 shares as of now. You must be wondering what was so special about the pictures that it went viral, right?

Here is what you need to know

viral picture of toddler at airport

It is usually super crowded at the airports. Everyone knows that. People are always in the hurry to get in the checking line and it’s basically chaos everywhere. However, amidst all the madness what Kevin Armentrout (father of the toddler) saw was very heartwarming, the true explanation of being human.

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Luckily, he even got to capture that moment. Which he later posted on Facebook, showing his little daughters first experience with kindness. Armentrout captioned the photo with a story that will explain everything to you.

Story behind viral picture of toddler at airport

He wrote, “Last night while waiting to board our plane, @_carterjean_ was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say “hi” to everyone she could, until she walked up on this man. He reached out and asked if she wanted to sit with him.”

Her little daughter has made her first friend and toddlers remind us of the time when we were of their age. We might not have much memory that’s why we always get intrigued when there is a toddler around.

viral picture of toddler at airport

Armentrout caption continued: “He pulled out his tablet and showed her how to draw with it, they watched cartoons together, and she offered him snacks. This wasn’t a short little exchange, this was 45 minutes. Watching them at that moment, I couldn’t help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends. This is the world I want for her.”

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The story is compelling enough to make people feel the emotions trapped inside this cute viral picture of toddler at airport. Armentrout added. “In a country that is continuously fed that it’s so deeply divided by beliefs, I want her life to be filled with moments like this… not liberal or conservative republican or democrat, socialist or capitalist, just HUMAN.”

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Who was that guy?

His name is Joseph Pat Wright, although the internet hasn’t received his reaction from him yet. But the thank you note of Armentrout saying, “Joseph from @samsungus in Oklahoma, if this should happen to find you. Thank you for showing my daughter what kindness and compassion look like. Continue to shine your light in the world. #HateIsLearned,” has attracted many audiences.

In Conclusion:

For those people who are having a bad day, this picture and the story behind it might make you happy. It’s already been going viral if you like you can share it with your family as well.

Tell us, how did you feel after looking at this viral picture of toddler at airport.

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