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Why Was The UP Police Sub Inspector Thrashed By BJP Councillor? The Real Story

On the auspicious day of Dussera, an incident took place (apart from Amritsar tragedy) in the all-time famous crime city of Meerut.

No! It doesn’t have to do anything with burning effigy but slapping, abusing and fighting a real person. And that person being no other than a cop.

What happened though?

It all began when a Sub-Inspector Sukhpal Singh, strolled in one of the hotels, along with a female friend who is a lawyer by profession. Apparently, the policeman was appointed on Dussehra duty but he celebrated it with liquor instead. Whatever the case, both of them were drunk AF when they entered the hotel.

Once they settled down on their table, they ordered the food and asked about getting a room in the hotel. The manager denied the room while the waiter went in to bring the dinner.

They both, however, were not happy about not getting a room. And to make a scene, the lady purposely started yelling on the waiter to bring the food as soon as possible.

What happened next?

Mostly, waiters know how to deal with drunk customers, which is why he tried to calm her down by telling that it will take five minutes for them to get the food. But as expected, given their drunk state, they did not seem happy about the minor five minute wait time.

This was enough to spark the policemen outburst and he flashed out his gun to portray his power. Fortunately, the hotel staff was clever enough to record the entire incident and keep it in case things went out of hand, which it soon did.

How did the hotel employees react?

The owner of the hotel, who also happens to be a BJP councilor, witnessed the entire scenario and interfered as soon as he saw the policeman waving his gun. Angry and outraged by the policeman’s behavior, he went to his table and held the gun with one hand. He even tried to pacify him but it didn’t seem to work well. However, it sure as hell pissed him off. Moreover, it is believed that even the owner was drunk at that time.

The lady lawyer tried to flee the scene and got up from the table, but was dragged back to the table.

UP Cop Thrashed by BJP Councillor

This made her do something outrageous as well. Soon, she started breaking crockery, by throwing it on the floor and yelling abuses at everyone. On the other hand, the cop and the owner got into a verbal fight.

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UP Cop Thrashed by BJP Councillor

It soon turned into a slap tournament, where the owner started thrashing the cop left and right.

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UP Cop Thrashed by BJP Councillor

A series of five slaps left the policeman on the ground and when he regained his balance, he dialed his fellow mates for help.

UP Cop Thrashed by BJP Councillor

What did the police do?

After receiving the call, the police patrolling team sprung into action and reached the hotel soon enough. Even before they could ask about the whole scene, both parties started yelling out their side of the story.

The police team was trying to understand the whole thing when the drunk cop lost his shit and plunged towards the owner of the hotel. It seemed that he got some motivation after seeing his policeman colleagues around. Though, he was soon dragged away from him by the other police officers around. But, it clearly showed how unfit he was for his duty at that point in time.

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What actions were taken?

Once everything settled down, the proceedings began. The lady lawyer filed a complaint against the hotel’s owner, who is a BJP councilor, adhering which the owner has been taken under police custody. The policeman in the video has been suspended and the police department is investigating the entire thing.

Watch the entire story here (Please excuse us for the drama shown by ABP News as we could not find original complete footage):

In Conclusion:

A drunk owner, an even more drunk policeman and a lady lawyer. These three ingredients ended up making a dangerous concoction and displayed how power can be misused. Whatever the case be, this incident was a shameful example of the present condition of public safety in our country.

I mean, who knows? This incident might have taken an uglier turn and a bullet could have been fired, killing an innocent. Because clearly, the person handling the gun was not in his senses.


Who do you think was at fault? The policeman and the lawyer who were drunk and misusing their power? Or the hotel owner who couldn’t tolerate the shit behavior that they both were displaying in his hotel and ended up beating a policeman?

Who do you think needs to be punished?

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