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Viral Video: A 3 Years Old Cutie Is Not Afraid of Ostrich

How many of you have been on safari rides? Did you have fun? Or Did you get scared in the animal zone? Well, in this now gone viral video we have a 3-year-old cute girl who is not afraid of anything during her safari trip. Usually, I have seen two types of kids when they are around animals, one who discovers sudden curiosity and others who run for their lives to mommy. But in this video, a 3-year-old girl can be seen feeding and even hugging an ostrich, the largest bird on the planet that can scare anyone including other large animals. 

Viral Video A 3 Years Old Cutie Is Not Afraid of Ostrich

Viral Video, Small Kid Hugs an Ostrich 

Since posted, the video has gone crazily viral and got 30,000 views. The girl whose name is Emma is now a social media star. The video was recorded at Tennessee Safari Park, Alamo, in which Emma can be seen holding a bucket of bird food sitting inside the car. As soon as the ostrich takes his neck inside the car to eat, she grabs her neck and hugs her tightly. But the bird didn’t like that and tried to flee from her. 

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