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Viral Video: Boy’s Only Christmas Wish Comes True As He Unwraps His Early Christmas Gift

December is the month of celebrations and surprises.

It’s all about family get together and vacations. However, the most exciting part of this month is Christmas and the presents that come along with it. But this kid from Pittsburgh never thought that his only Christmas wish would come true.

Who is the boy?

Jadin Hart, from Pittsburgh, tweeted the video of a boy unwrapping “the only Christmas gift he asked for a few days early.” The boy in the video is her nephew who had made his only Christmas wish a few days back.

His father works for the military and as everyone knows, military life is a tough one. You don’t get holidays often and it’s a very normal thing for military fathers to be away from their kids even when the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas with their families.

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What was the boy’s wish?

The little boy was terribly missing his father and wanted his only Christmas wish to come true, which was his father to get back. And even though it isn’t Christmas, he was told that his Christmas present is here.

only Christmas wish gift

The boy obviously got excited and went ahead with unwrapping the gift.

only Christmas wish gift

The huge box actually had his dad inside of it but the boy was completely unaware of him being inside.

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only Christmas wish gift

Once he removed the cover, his dad popped out.

only Christmas wish gift

And the hug they shared was much bigger than the box he was wrapped in.

only Christmas wish gift

The boy’s reaction:

The little boy was obviously overwhelmed with the gift and his reaction in the video is clealry heartwarming. Both the father and son hugged each other, meanwhile, the Twitter user recorded this beautiful moment and posted it online. Ever since her upload, the video went viral.

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It has already been retweeted 211,996 times and has got over 857,642 likes. 

Watch the beautiful video here:

In Conclusion:

I don’t know about you but I was literally in tears after I watched this video. I feel bad for people who can’t be with their families during the best time of the year. However, I am happy that at least this little boy’s only Christmas wish came true and that too in the best possible way.

BTW, what’s your ‘only Christmas wish’?

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