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Viral Video Of Chinese Farmer Cum Designer Cat Walking On Streets

Our world is indeed a unique place, especially when it comes to China.

And no, I am not talking about them Chinese phones and the billion other things that China makes exclusively for India. This time it’s a kind of fashion innovation which is, well take a look for yourself and decide.

Who is the farmer?

Presenting Dou Xiaogang, a 38-year-old Chinese farmer cum designer. He usually works fine as a farmer and doesn’t smoke much. (if you know what I mean) But recently, he took to the streets of Meishan City, in China’s Southwestern Chengdu and performed a catwalk showcasing his unique talent as a designer.

Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

I don’t know from where did he get his creativity but one thing is for sure- Chinese people can do anything.

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Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

You already understand why I said so, right? Just look at him.

Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

As you can see, our Chinese farmer cum designer created dresses that are surreal.

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Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

Xiaogang used water pipes, tires, bamboo fans, and curtains to create one-of-a-kind environment-friendly dresses.

Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

He didn’t even leave his kid’s toy car. LOL. He took out all the wheel covers and made designer couture out of it.

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Chinese farmer cum designer dresses

He believes that his work will help people use scraps and discarded items to be molded into something designer.

Good news for fashion designers because the kind of evolutionary fashion sense this Chinese farmer cum designer has, totally matches their level of thinking. His designs will the rock the ramp. (only the ramp I em sure) Anyway, his catwalk video has gone viral on all social media platforms and has gained a lot of attention from the netizens.

Watch the video here:

In Conclusion:

I know, since the evolution of our fashion industry, there are many designers who come up with dresses that are made out of newspapers, leaves, flowers and what not. But I bet no one pushed their creativity so far like Dou Xiaogang.

His ideas for dresses are – epic and unwearable by normal people like you and me. But hey, not for the models that walk on the ramp.

I just want to know where does he gets these unbelievable ideas, or what has he been smoking lately???

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