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Viral Video: 9-year-old Chinese Girl Goes On A Walk With Her Pet Tiger Cub!

Pets are a blessing in this hell of a life. They make our world stress free. Some people choose dogs, some go for cats, while some crave for exotic pets.

And why not? They are adorable, cute and they love you from the core of their heart. But, this 9-year-old Chinese girl has a pet which mostly strikes fear in the hearts of anyone who encounters it face to face.

This Chinese girl, Xiaojing has a tiger cub as her adorable pet.

Chinese girl's pet hunui-tiger

How did the tiger and the girl become friends?

It all began three months ago.

A tiger cub was born in the Donghu Zoo of Fujian province, which is the workplace of her father. He is in charge of the animals and when the tiger cub was born, he saw that her daughter was in love with the baby animal. So, he let her feed bottled milk to the cub.

She loved spending time with the baby tiger. And after a few weeks, she became comfortable handling the cub alone.

Chinese girl's pet hunui-tiger

Soon, they became best buddies. She even named her tiger as ‘Huniu’, which means ‘Tiger girl’ in Chinese. And just so you know, the little girl is Huniu’s favorite too.

Recently, she went out for a walk with her pet, which was recorded and has become a viral sensation. The tiger cub can be seen jumping and hopping around like a curious kitty, sniffing things and playing with strings, just like a playful cat.

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Apparently, this is an everyday ritual. Every morning after breakfast, she takes Huniu for a walk, to keep her healthy.

Chinese girl's pet hunui-tiger

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And there isn’t any doubt that both of them love each other’s company.

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What is Huniu’s story?

He said that Huniu was separated from her family after birth when two of her siblings were accidentally smothered by their mother. Ever since the zoo authorities have been taking care of the animal. Surprisingly, the tiger and Xiaojing have become so fond of each other.

According to Xiaojing’s father, the baby tiger runs to his daughter the moment she returns from school. She likes to be scratched on her belly and plays a lot with Xiaojing.

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Chinese girl's pet tiger

On the other hand, even though Xiaojing’s classmates find tigers to be scary, they are quite friendly with the baby tiger. And I bet when you see the video, even you would want to cuddle this lovely tiger cub.

Watch the video here:

I would love to switch places with Xiaojing, what about you? 

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