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Viral Video: Cute Toddler Wants To Dance Not To Walk

Every parent records special movements of their toddler from the first step to the first day of school. Because time stops for no one but we can capture memories. Every achievement of the child is a special moment for a parent. And a video that has captured a similar moment is now bouncing all over the Internet after going viral.

Viral video, Toddler Starts Dancing Instead of walking

Viral Video, Toddler Wants To Dance While Learning To Walk

This clip was shared on Instagram and in only a few hours it has garnered over a million views. This clip has become special as it has captured a toddler’s first steps which actually were the dance moves. In the clip when they leave the toddler to walk then he suddenly start showing his dance moves, he starts to wiggle his shoulders and shook his bum. Well, the parents ‘ reaction was obvious; they burst into laughter.


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“When learning how to dance is more important”, read the captions of the video.

“It’s the shoulder wiggle for me,” a user commented. “Ma boi learned to dance before walking,” another wrote. “He said ‘uhh I can’t do that but I can do this”, the third said.

“Um, who needs to know how to walk when you can Twerk!” “He knew what was a priority” another person commented.

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