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Viral Video: 62 Year Old Man Reunites With His Pet Dog After Three Years

They say the world is small.

They say what goes around comes around. Maybe that’s why,  when any pet owner loses their precious baby, they choose to believe that the world is small and they can find their way back to them.

Ah, that feeling when you reunite with you furball! The same happened with Giorgi Bereziani, a 62-year-old man when he received a phone call. Almost three years ago, he had lost his dog. He tried so hard to find him but couldn’t succeed. Eventually, he left numbers for people to call him, in case they spot the dog.

Fortunately, that happened after three years. Giorgi had lost all hopes of ever reuniting with his dog, but the phone call literally, changed his life. He was informed by an opera house worker from Tbilisi, Georgia that there was a dog that matched the description he provided.

He rushed to the place and saw his dog lying around in front of the shop.

dog- owner reunion

When Giorgi spotted the dog, he instantly recognized him.

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dog- owner reunion

And in an emotional turmoil, they both hugged each other.

dog-owner reunion

The whole ordeal was captured and has received millions of hits. In the video, the dog can be seen wagging its tail and hopping around the owner. He obviously was overwhelmed.

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If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the video:

I can’t help but think that what feeling a pet has when it reunites with the same owner, who used to treat him nicely and was desperate to get him back the moment they were lost. I wish the same for every pet who has somehow lost their way back to their home.

Btw, if you spot an animal who is wandering around in your area, try and inquire about it. Who knows, you might change the life of a pet owner.

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