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Viral Video: Elephant Drags A Car Around Like A Toy

Elephants are said to be the ‘Gentle Giants’, but they can also be the scariest when they decide to demonstrate their strength. Several viral videos also show us that they can be very aggressive at some point. A similar video has surfaced on social media platforms recently, featuring an elephant dragging a car around like a toy car. Re-tweeted by IFS officer, Susanta Nanda.

Elephant pushes car around like a toy in Guwahati. Video is viral

Viral Video, Elephant Pushing A Car Around Like A Baby Playing With Toy

Video recorded at Narangi Military station in Guwahati, Assam, featured an elephant first standing in front of a car. But suddenly decides to push it around with its trunk, he dragged the car in a circular motion as the wheels were locked in a specific direction. The surprising moment is that at the end of the video when he stopped pushing the car, the vehicle was parked perfectly at the initial position.

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The video is going crazy viral, people are witnessing the power of elephants more than anything else. It has garnered thousands of views and likes. Users were also seen dividing on Twitter and commenting on their different opinions. Like humans deforested the lands and left animals homeless, a user commented. Another joked, that the elephant thinks the car is just a toy.

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