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Is this an exorcism or religious conversion? Recently, a video was posted on social media with the tag that raises concerns about the condition of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh.

Netizens are shocked and confused after seeing a Hindu woman in Bangladesh, being vigorously converted to Islam.

But is this really what is happening in the video? Is this Hindu woman actually being converted into Islam? Don’t believe in anything until you hear us first.

What was in the video?

Exorcism In Bangladesh

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The video was shared widely on social media in Bangladesh. The agenda behind this seems to be revolving around the condition of minor Hindu’s in the area. And with the comments it received, it really seemed that they succeded.

Angry after seeing this viral video, a Twitter user named Tyagraj Shekhawat posted this video on Saturday with the caption “Iss Bangladeshi Hindu Mahila ke dharmantaaran kay yeh video Sylhet ka bataya ja raha hai, jaha saare Hindu parivaaro ka safaya kar diya gaya, auraton ko chhorkar…”

Exorcism In Bangladesh

In this 12:20 minutes long video A man can be seen holding a woman from the back, while another man was in the front trying to scare and torture the lady with the knife. One can also notice a woman wearing a burqa-clad sitting in the 12:20 minutes long video.

As a result, netzines started to believe that people showed in the video were forcefully trying to change the religion of the woman.

In reality, the video was posted with a fake caption just to gain attention and has nothing to do with changing the religion of this lady.

The video was not showing cruelty against Hindu but was actually showing an exorcism in Bangladesh.

Watch the video here:

Then what’s the reality?

Most of the netizens ended up believing in what they saw and read in the caption. No one really tried to find out whether is true or not? Fortunately, not everyone believes what they come across on the internet and like questioning things.

@haivri (twitter username) was the first person who raised a doubt if this is actually a video of religious conversion.

Later another Twitter user @moinaksg commented, “The woman is Muslim and supposedly attacked by a Hindu jinn.”

This concludes that the video was not portraying the forceful religious conversion. Instead, it was actually an exorcism video. People misinterpreted this video that was portraying exorcism in Bangladesh with something that was not real.

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In Conclusion:

Nowadays, it is really hard to believe in things that we see on the internet. Fake news has become part of the internet, it is hard to believe in anything without a reliable source.

This viral video showing exorcism in Bangladesh is just another example.

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